2012 NRLCA National Convention Updates

These highlights have been combined from several different sources.  Thanks to everyone for sharing!  We all really appreciate it.

Paul Schwartz, NRLCA Legislative director says the upcoming elections are the most critical in many years. A band-aid fix to our woes may be done in the lame-duck session. The afternoon seminar explaining the recent contract arbitration was outstanding. The USPS really tried to stick it to us. Just a few of their proposals included 123 ppm for DPS letters for POVs and 235 ppm for DPS letters for LLV/FFVs, elimination of all COLA, decrease in EMA, decreases in AL & SL, just to mention a few. Fortunately the arbitrator didn’t buy it. Our national office did a great job during this trying time (just my opinion). And an MOU should be forthcoming in the next few weeks about the remaining FSS residual routes.

A few more things concerning what USPS wanted in the contract; all RCAs would convert to regular at the new rate, 1 week mail count in April, eliminate the high option altogether, box factor of .82 min/box, 8 sec. per scan, and boxholder rate from 25 ppm to 62.5 ppm

Donahoe spoke on Tuesday 8=14: He stated that things would improve if legislation issues were resolved. He also stated that the USPS must go to 5 day delivery and was booed by Delegates for that statement. He did not stay for questions. Not a long speeeh same ole spill but not as much gloom and doom speech this year as last.

Congressman Brian Higgins from NY was in attendance. Congressman Higgins is very pro labor. He gave his word that he would fight to save 6 day delivery.

NRLCA Treasurer Cliff Dailing gave the financial report. His report stated that the NRLCA lost 2024 members last year and showed a loss of $600,000.

Legislative director Paul Schwartz said we are in the fight to keep 6 day delivery and jobs. We HAVE to stop Issa’s HR 2309. His bill would strip us of bargaining rights and end 6 day delivery.

Here are a few news links about the NRLCA Convention in NY:

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Bright future possible, postmaster general tells rural carriers

Video: Postmaster General booed by rural carriers

Opening day of the convention. Very moving tribute to the rural carrier families who have military or 1st responder members. Plus a special tribute to Gold Star mothers. And we recognized 5 rural carriers as heroes who had rendered assistance to the public, some on the route some not. A lot of speeches and reports (including the PMG). Attended the retirement seminar tonight, very informative. (special notice to those considering retirement- it takes OPM 3-10 months to get a final calculation on your annuity. You’ll receive a partial annuity, just be aware.) Tomorrow begins nominations for officers for the coming year and debate on constitutional changes and resolutions.

Legislative is still pushing Congress to give us relief and our PAC did good last year but is important and it was stressed to keep giving. They are not expecting anything to be done during the election season but it is still out there.

Biennial Conventions is on the agenda again this year along with several other Constitution changes. There are 131 Resolutions to consider.


Michael Gan gave a great talk and brief history on time standards. He shared the Boards displeasure in the new DPS LLV time standards but was optimistic on a long overdue new industrialized time study. Overall his main point way that it could have been much much worse.

Nominations for National Officer were held. Everyone was running again with the only contested office so far being Director of Steward Operations with Robert Horne and Robert Picklesimer both running. Don Maston is running for the 4 year Executive Committeeman.

Current membership sits at 103,944

Biennial Conventions failed again.

Amendment to allow retirees to serve on the National Board failed.


Binding Resolutions that passed included moving Steward Appreciation week to another month, the NRLCA actively enlist other organizations to help support in 6 day delivery, for us to keep pushing 6 Day Delivery and making the National wall calendar available to member state associations.

The target date for the National Steward System has been pushed back a week to Nov. 17th

Completed all but 10 resolutions today.  Unless we have a last-minute candidate, we only have 1 office to vote on. Some of the non-binding resolutions passed included (and keep in mind these are things the national board has to negotiate for us); benefits, RCAs holding down a vacant route receive holiday pay after 1 year, 3 days of funeral leave, RCAs be allowed to enroll in the FEHBP; RCAs working either 30 hours per week or for 5 years be granted career status with full benefits, and carriers be able to case all mail in whatever order they chose. These are just a few. More info will be forthcoming in the NRLCA magazine.

There is one minor change on the RDWL. There will still be the (2) 2-week sign-up periods, but they will be 4 weeks prior to the start of the new RDWL period.


Robert Horne was re-elected as director of steward operations – All other positions were unopposed.

Final Tally
Robert Horne 721.
Robert Picklesimer 294.
Steve Martino 73.
Horne wins on first ballot.

The 2017 national convention will be in Alexandria, VA.

PAC raised $125,280.00 at the convention.