A Day in the Life


A guest blog by Dennis Dressler


I was chatting with the lady in 703 on Saturday, she asked how things were going at the Post Office. I told her how wonderfully I was getting on with upper management (yes that is a joke). She inquired if I had ever seen “Undercover Boss”. My gray matter immediately thought how truly blessed we would be if our upper managers would spend a day on the route…and not one of the sunny cheerful days with low volume mail but a true new hire RCA day after a holiday with storms a brewing day…and I smiled.
On that very day I had a run in with wasps, evaded a deer with a faun in tow, explained for the umpteenth time that it was not junk mail but my “job security” and the breeding ground for business to reach out to new customers and thought Noah had built an ark and the deluge had begun.

As a former boy scout, you would have thought that I would have been prepared. But it was Saturday and I had listened to the weatherman’s proposal that storms would not begin until after 9PM.
The day began, a beautiful blue sky Kansas day with high humidity, of course, and ended up a water soaked, rain pelted and wind blown mess. I successfully delivered a certified from the IRS (probably a birthday card) to an overjoyed recipient.


Made certain that a parcel that had sat in the parcel locker all week made it to it’s purchaser, who was wondering where that fathers day gift was that was taking so long since Fathers day was that Sunday. I was greeted at the box by a teen age boy who was ravenously waiting for a new video game to arrive. Smiled and waived at the girls in the pool (it‘s not all doom and gloom on my route).

There are days I believe we deserve hazard pay and perhaps with our undercover boss being tossed about as an RCA he might understand a little more of our daily goings on. It’s not all a race from start to finish but a daily adventure into the real world, dealing with real people with real problems, some that we deliver and occasionally that box of checks, Netflix or paycheck that brings a sigh of relief.
Either way some people are not meant for this job, it can be weary, gloomy and tiring at times; and even life threatening. Perhaps “Undercover Boss” is the right show to help management understand our daily adventure; but then they’d probably not make it passed their first 90 days.


Dennis is a rural carrier and steward in Kansas

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