A few contract clarifications: From State Steward Teleconference

The award indicates a carrier must have a minimum of 10 years of service from the retirement computation date to be eligible to elect the high option. For a regular carrier, this date can be found in column 17 of your PS50. It is generally the date converted to regular, but may be earlier if you have had prior Federal service.
This new provision will become effective at the time of the new guarantee year; carriers who currently hold the high option that do not qualify under the new contract will revert to low option at the start of the new guarantee year.

There is no current indication that a National count will be conducted in September, but management does maintain that option under the contractual language of Article 9.2.C.3.a.4.

On page 15 of the award, there’s a footnote that reads that there is an expectation the USPS will mitigate the impact of standard changes; to the extent reasonably possible. National will be discussing this expectation with our employer and how it will be accomplished.

With the elimination of the TRC position (hiring of these employees will end August 11, 2012) there will be a concerted effort to get mailings out to TRCs currently on the rolls to get them to apply for RCA positions as well as additional hiring efforts overall.

The MOU to release residual routes in FSS offices is still on track; there’s no date yet, but it is in the works.

DPS flats as well as every component of our evaluated system will be subject of the scientific engineering study. There will be a complete over-haul of the evaluated system through this process, with the result becoming effective byor before the expiration of this contract.

The provision for casing DPS letters has not changed, even though the standard has; we can generally still case the letters at our option.

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My supervisor is returning my leave slips 2 or 3 weeks after I submit it but she is wrongly putting 3 days from the day I submit it. Is there a time limit when leave could be denied?