A few highlights from South Atlantic Conference

Shared with permission

Seemed to be a lot of talk about the Parcel business and it’s future with the USPS. Seems they are looking to expand into areas such as same day delivery or more parcel driven items. Christmas time was extremely busy and bodes well for the future.

Also barcodes on all Parcels is a priority and would 90% or more to have one by October.

Rural Reach is still being pushed as this is a great untapped revenue stream for the USPS.

Interesting stat of the day: During the Christmas Overtime Period 3% of Rural Carriers received OT while 19% of City Carriers did.

Saturday night there was a seminar on Social Media and how it affects us in this day and age. Bottom line is watch what you post you do not live in a void.

Micheal Gann talked on several topics such as the Time Standards Study using Industrial Engineers and how it will effect our craft going forward. The goal is to make it where every carrier has the chance to work hard and beat their evaluation.

In the Legislative update there are many new faces in Congress to deal with and they expecting the same basic legislations to be introduced this year as last but nothing has been put forth yet. They are expecting Congress to get something done this year as time is running out but time will tell.

Robert Horne said he would not seek reelection for Director of Steward Operations this coming National for personal reasons and said it was not because of a illness. Dennis Conley from NC said he would be running for the Executive Committee postion at National.

Seemed to be alot of problems with carriers waiting for mail and DPS arriving in office and carriers having to search for theirs and not being staged to them but there is a Step 4 pending on this.

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Well said Leland! This has been a problem for me for years and our leadership has not been able to do anything after repeated resolutions concerning parcel times.I deliver in an upper middle class suburban rural area that has many long driveways and my customers get tons of parcels. I have been eating time for years. It will be almost 15 years after Wells suggested a better way of evaluating routes when the engineering study gets completed. Why did it take so long?

all any increase in parcels will mean to us , is that any route that gets a lot of parcels will continue to have 2080 problems,——————- the difference between the measly 30 seconds plus 18 seconds for a scanned parcel and the reality of how long it takes to drive to the house , fetch and walk to the door [ assuming you can get past the family pit bulls] can be several minutes.————– do this 25-50 times a day and you can lose 30-60 minutes per day.[ easily 2 days per month against your 2080 limits]———– this time is… Read more »

One of my favorite hand – outs at the conference was the comparison between the city contract and rural contract. Never again can a city carrier say to me that their union is better than mine!!!!