All Hands on Deck


A guest blog by Dennis Dressler



“Rumsfeld’s Rules” is the new book by Donald Rumsfeld, I don’t think anyone is more capable of finding a way out of a corner than the former Secretary of Defense whose known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns still boggle my mind. He has served many positions in government and private industry but truly missed his calling by not serving for the USPS. A perfect prodigy for Postal Management, his ability to wriggle out of accusations is historic.
In his new book of “rules” he lays the ground work for leadership lessons in business, politics, war and life. In a recent review of the book comedian Dean Obeidallah pointed out just one problem: Google. As we know from our work in the USPS rules are made to be broken or at least bent and blame cannot rest upon anyone actually responsible.
Under a Postal Rumsfeld regime here are a few highights from his new book of rules: “plan properly, prepare for uncertainty“…a stalwart of the Postal Service, think of the planning that was done with closing down plants, duoing offices, Flat Sequencing System or 5 day delivery, at the Postal Service uncertainty is not an option. Consider the recent stand up for reasons why 5 day delivery had to happen and the lack of a stand explaining why it wasn’t going to happen. PS it’s back in the new plan being worked on by USPS Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbet (no uncertainty there and no lesson learned).
“Learn to say I don’t know“… that’ll never happen…just create some report to back up your plan, it’s the Postal way.
“Proper preparation prevents poor performance“…that says it all as rural carrier we understand this point best of all; good office preparation means shorter road time. Of course the USPS thinks more time on the street sorting thru your mistakes is better…but better for whom?
“Don’t blame the boss, he has enough problems“…things like carriers still in the office of course, they just barely have time to discipline you for the mistakes you make. It still amazes me that so little can be done in so many hours put in (that email takes forever to go thru, by the way isn‘t that what‘s supposedly killing the Post Office, carry on.
“Plan for uncertainty”, I am certain the plan for uncertainty is sitting around on the bottom of that pile of paperwork still sitting on a managers desk.
Without hesitation I can clearly state the Donald Rumsfeld would be the perfect replacement for current Post Master General Patrick Donahoe. With all this insight he is the obvious choice to fill the sails of the forward moving Postal Service. The problem is the ship no longer has the high seas capability, is short on crew, long on skippers and someone has ripped holes in the jib…all hands on deck…


Dennis is a rural carrier and steward in Kansas

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