Observant rural carrier catches suspected thieves in act

Denise Hilpipre, a rural carrier in Plainfield, WI, was recently delivering mail when she noticed suspicious activity: Two strangers were removing firewood from a customer’s property. Hilpipre documented details of the incident, including a description of the pair’s vehicle and their appearance, and called the customer to ask if he had authorized anyone to take … Read more

Customer grateful for Heimlich maneuver from rural carrier

Rural Carrier Associate William-Jacques Jones was recently making deliveries in Clinton, OH, when he came upon a customer in distress. The man, who was choking on food, was attempting to walk to a neighbor’s house for assistance. Jones rushed to the customer’s aid, performing the Heimlich maneuver on him until the obstruction was dislodged. The … Read more

Rural Carrier saves car accident victim’s life

Shelby Milford, a rural carrier associate, was recently making deliveries in Michie, TN, when she came upon the scene of an accident that left a woman in her 20s injured. Milford immediately called for emergency assistance and stayed with the woman, whose car began to emit smoke. With help from a passerby, the Postal Service … Read more

Rural carrier saves golf course worker’s life

Jared Sprenger, a rural carrier in Zumbrota, MN, was recently delivering mail when he saw a man lying on a golf course, waving for help. Sprenger rushed to the man’s side and found that he was misdialing 911. The Postal Service employee completed the call and comforted him until emergency responders arrived. The man, a … Read more


The NRLCA has officially requested that the Postal Service temporarily postpone the data collection period for the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS). Collection of data began on April 23, 2022; however, the NRLCA has identified many critical issues that must be resolved before the system can go “live.” We have apprised the Postal Service … Read more

Rural Carrier renders aid to dehydrated customer

Rural Carrier Johnnie Gatlin was recently making deliveries in a Junction City, KS, neighborhood when he grew concerned about an older customer whose mail was piling up. Gatlin heard a faint cry for help coming from inside the residence, at which point he looked through a window and spotted the woman lying on the floor. … Read more

Rural Carrier Sherry Ingold’s killer found not guilty due to insanity

Much to the disappointment and anger of the family and friends of Sherry Ingold, her killer, Roland Mitchell Dampeer, has been found not guilty by reason of insanity following a 40-minute non-jury criminal trial in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Mississippi. The trial was held in an Oxford, MS, federal courtroom on the … Read more

Rural carrier comforts customer after her collapse

Jaiquan Williams, a rural carrier associate in Newtown, CT, was recently making deliveries when a crisis occurred: He saw a customer collapse. While 911 was called, Williams rushed to the woman’s aid, comforting her until emergency responders arrived. The customer recovered from the incident.


The document below outlines the recent MDD update (version 7.53) which allows carriers to enter Zero parcels picked up at a Carrier Pickup Request location and also to enter a CARRIERPU when none of the parcels collected has a barcode.

Carrier rightly worries about customer’s full mailbox

Rural Carrier Brittany Siler was recently delivering mail in Peru, IN, when she grew concerned about a customer whose mail was piling up. Siler alerted a neighbor, who arranged for someone to check on the woman. The customer was found stranded in her bathtub, where she’d fallen two days earlier. She soon received medical attention. … Read more

Updated Rural Carrier Salary Charts Released

The salary schedules below reflect a retroactive $1,935 cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) effective August 28, 2021, a retroactive 1.3% General Wage Increase (GWI) effective November 20, 2021, and a $1,311 COLA effective February 26, 2022. The PTF hourly rates reflect the recalculation due to the additional Juneteenth holiday. Note: Leave replacements on Tables Three and Four … Read more