Rural Carrier rescues customer from dog attack

Rural Carrier Associate Martin Hernandez was recently making deliveries in Ferris, TX, when he came upon a customer who’d fallen in her driveway while being attacked by two dogs. The woman’s wheelchair-bound son was nearby but was unable to successfully intervene, so Hernandez safely ended the attack and called 911. He comforted the customer while … Read more

Humans, horse benefit from rural carrier’s kindness

Jeremy Bohnert, a rural carrier in Hillsboro, WI, recently encountered two emergency situations while delivering mail in his community. On a rainy day in May, he came upon an older customer yelling for help as she lay on the ground outside her home. Bohnert helped the woman, who had fallen, get back on her feet. … Read more

NRLCA – RRECS Mini Mail Survey 2022

The RRECS Mini Mail Survey is to be conducted from September 10-23, 2022. Only Random Letters and Flats, Walking Distances, PARS Labels and recurring Miscellaneous Activity not captured by the automated standards, will be measured or counted. Click here for more information and links to useful resources. Mini Mail Survey Presentation NRLCA Mini Mail Survey … Read more

Rural Carrier takes charge of customer’s crisis

Rural Carrier Timothy Beckham was delivering mail last year in tiny Quitman, LA, when he spotted a customer who’d fallen on her porch. Beckham rushed to aid the woman, who had been stranded for two hours. He safely helped her up, then called police to request further assistance. “The customer said if it weren’t for … Read more

Texas RCA dies on the route in an accident

ALBANY – An Albany resident died in a one-vehicle crash early Saturday afternoon 11 miles north of here in Shackelford County. Robin Detrick Morrison, 51, was pronounced dead at the scene by Shackleford County Judge Robert Skelton. According to a Department of Public Safety report issued late Monday afternoon, Morrison was driving a 2022 Chevrolet … Read more

Cost-of-Living Raises Set for August 27, 2022

Pursuant to the release of the July 2022 Consumer Price Index – Urban Wage and Clerical Workers (CPI-W), and in accordance with Article 9.1.E , the third COLA adjustment of the 2021-2024 National Agreement will result in a record $2,454 increase for eligible rural carriers. This COLA adjustment will be effective August 27, 2022 (PP … Read more

UPDATE: MOU Allowing Regular Rural Carriers to Volunteer to Work on Sundays or Provide Assistance on other Rural Routes Extended

The MOU was sent to USPS Labor Relations and HQ Delivery and Field Performance this afternoon with the following instructions: The Postal Service and the NRLCA have signed the attached MOU regarding two temporary modifications to the USPS-NRLCA National Agreement. Beginning Sunday, August 7, 2022, and continuing through February 24, 2023, regular rural carriers may volunteer … Read more

Rural Carrier saves customer hanging on after fall

Rural Carrier Amy Fitch was recently delivering mail in Spotsylvania, VA, when she grew concerned about an older customer. The woman had not retrieved packages left on the porch several days earlier, so Fitch stopped to check on her. When the Postal Service employee knocked on the front door, the customer yelled for help. Fitch … Read more

Rural Carrier keeps vulnerable woman safe from water

Rural Carrier Theresa Rankin was delivering mail on a frigid February day in Ridgely, MD, when she spotted an older woman walking out of a creek. Rankin immediately stopped to check on the woman, who was disoriented and said she wanted to return to the creek “to meet my friend.” The USPS employee called 911, … Read more

MOU Signed on Rural Route Territorial Adjustments

On August 1, 2022, the USPS and NRLCA signed an MOU on Rural Route Territorial Adjustments. The parties recognize that there is potential impact to rural route evaluations resulting from the implementation of the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS). To limit this impact and ensure that routes are evaluated accurately during the first year … Read more