2023 Mini Mail Survey Period: February 25 through March 10. A Mini Mail Survey is scheduled to begin February 25, and will continue for 12 delivery days, concluding on March 10. The Mini Mail Survey is a required component of the Rural Route Evaluation Compensation System (RRECS).

From NRLCA: New DACA Code G: Annual Leave in Lieu of Holiday Pay

Per the 2021-2024 Agreement between the NRLCA and USPS: Effective the Presidents’ Day 2023 holiday, regular rural carriers who work their holiday, at their option, may elect to have their annual leave balance credited with one day of annual leave in lieu of holiday pay. DACA Code G has been established for this purpose and … Read more

NRLCA – $208 Cost-of-Living Adjustment Effective March 11, 2023

Pursuant to the release of the January 2023 Consumer Price Index – Urban Wage and Clerical Workers (CPI-W), and in accordance with Article 9.1.E , the fourth COLA adjustment of the 2021-2024 National Agreement will result in a $208 increase for eligible rural carriers. This COLA adjustment will be effective March 11, 2023 (PP 2023-07). … Read more

Rural carrier aids toddler, dog, wandering far from home

Rural Carrier Robert Parnell was recently delivering mail in Sturgeon, MO, when he came upon a 2-year-girl and her dog as they were walking by themselves along a railroad track. Parnell immediately stopped to check on the toddler, who was crying and said she was lost. The Postal Service employee called 911 and comforted the … Read more

Rural carrier leads police to dead customer, living pet

Rural Carrier Malenia Orr was recently making deliveries in New Springfield, OH, when she grew concerned about a customer whose mail was piling up unusually. She soon saw a police officer and asked him to check on the man. The customer was found deceased, with his dog inside the residence with him. The pet was … Read more

RRECS Safety/Service Talks

The NRLCA has been notified that less than half of the offices have credit for Safety/Service Talks entered into the Rural Management Support System (RMSS).  The NRLCA submitted a proposal to cover the shortage and it was not accepted. The USPS has unilaterally decided to have the Safety/Service time built into the MMS (Mini Mail Survey) … Read more

Kansas rural carrier killed in car-train accident near Burlingame

The Kansas Highway Patrol has reported that Ronald R. Neilson, 62, of Scranton, Kan., was killed Thursday morning when his vehicle was struck by a train at a crossing on 189th Street, south of Burlingame, Kan. KHP reported the accident happened about 10:05 a.m. Feb. 9, 2023, at a location about 1/3 mile east of … Read more

System Maintenance of HCES to Affect Rural Carrier Bidding February 18-21

System Updates: There will be system maintenance of HCES from Saturday, February 18, at 6:00 AM (CT), through Tuesday, February 21, at 6:00 AM (CT).  This system outage will affect Rural JBM. During this time frame, rural carriers will be unable to submit job bids for posted vacancies.  Rural carriers may attempt to submit bids … Read more

Rural carrier saves distressed driver from dangerous direction

Julie Gould, a rural carrier in Charlotte, VT, was recently delivering mail when she noticed a car parked alongside a road. She grew concerned when she saw that the driver was slumped over the steering wheel, so she immediately stopped to check on the woman. Gould found the driver to be in medical distress, bleeding … Read more

Rural carrier changes pace to save farm from fire

Rural Carrier Darla O’Brien was recently delivering mail in Hennessey, OK, when she spotted a grass fire that threatened a barn and a tractor. Seeing no one else around, O’Brien immediately called 911 and safely stamped out part of the blaze to prevent it from destroying the structure and equipment. Firefighters soon arrived on the … Read more

SWAC, RRECS and the Mini Mail Survey

The Southwest Area Conference (SWAC) was held in Dallas TX from January 13th – January 16th, 2023.   Rural carriers from the Southwest Area assemble at a SWAC every year in January. Below are highlights of information I’ve received by rural carriers that were present. Remember, is not affiliated in any way with the NRLCA … Read more

UPDATE: Retro Pay Adjustment to be in February 17 Check

Per NRLCA  UPDATE: Retro Pay Adjustment to be in February 17 Check UPDATE: Please be advised that the retro pay due to rural carriers will be reflected in the February 17th paycheck. *** As you know, the Postal Service (USPS) and National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) ratified and signed a new collective bargaining agreement … Read more