10 Reasons RRECS is not ready to go live

While of course, I am no longer in the game, I still care what happens to the rural craft and I haven’t been out long enough to not know what’s happening. I understand there are those who went up that want their money NOW.   I fully understand that.  The problem is next time it could … Read more

PostalEASE Functions Reactivated in LiteBlue

The Postal Service is reminding employees that all PostalEASE functions previously disabled, have been reactivated in LiteBlue to include changing your elections for net-to-bank and allotments.

RRECS article on Vice.com

Two-thirds of rural mail carriers nationwide are scheduled to be hit with a pay cut of thousands of dollars annually and may also be assigned more work days, due to the implementation of a new algorithm that determines their salary and work schedule.

‘Justice for Pam’ petition calls for continued investigation into fatal Interlachen dog attack

INTERLACHEN, Fla. — The family of a 61-year-old woman killed by dogs in Interlachen last August is asking people to sign a petition that calls on the State Attorney and Putnam County officials to continue to investigate her death. Pamela Rock was brutally killed during the incident. Earlier this year, the State Attorney’s Office decided not to press charges against … Read more

USPS Releases Fact Sheets about the Postal Service Health Benefits Program

USPS and OPM, in consultation with the four Postal Unions, have developed Fact Sheets to provide basic information regarding the Postal Service Health Benefits Program (PSHBP) that will begin January 1, 2025. There are two Fact Sheets, one for USPS Active Employees and one for USPS Annuitants. These Fact Sheets are also available on LiteBlue … Read more

Rural carrier gets help for customer with broken hip

Rural Carrier Associate Joseph Eskew was delivering mail on a frigid December day in Riner, VA, when he spotted a 92-year-old customer who had fallen in her driveway. Eskew rushed to check on the woman, who asked him to help her back to her house. He safely carried her inside and called 911, as well … Read more

APCU KeyTeller Service Outage Update

Thank you for your patience and support over the course of the last several weeks. We are aware that the KeyTeller is currently unavailable for APCU members to dial into, however, we are working around the clock to restore this service. The Atlanta Postal Credit Union team is committed to supporting its members and will … Read more