Recently, criticism has arisen over how the NRLCA-PAC contributes to Congressional campaigns. The NRLCA-PAC works to represent rural carrier issues on Capitol Hill by supporting key Senators and Representatives. Unfortunately, financial support of a campaign does not guarantee the Senator or Representative will support legislation favorable to our issues or positions. The process for selecting … Read more

NRLCA Contributions to Federal Candidates

Total Receipts $1,297,789 Total Spent (view expenditures) $1,255,141 Begin Cash on Hand $111,817 End Cash on Hand $154,430 Debts $0 Date of last report December 31, 2010 Contributions from this PAC to federal candidates (list recipients)(71% to Democrats, 29% to Republicans) $876,500 Contributions to this PAC from individual donors of $200 or more ( list … Read more


National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association: “The Postal Service has entered into an important settlement agreement with the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) and the Association to resolve an unfair labor practice charge filed by the NRLCA. The Association filed the unfair labor practice charge in response to the Postal Service’s repeated, unlawful refusal to provide … Read more

RE: Changes to the Carrier Release Program

Subject: Carrier-Leave If No Response FYI: We recently attended a meeting with USPS  Headquarters to clarify the intent of the change to the Carrier Release Program. Attached you will find an article on the PO-603 change for the Carrier Release Program.  This will be printed in the upcoming National Magazine. As you can see by … Read more


 UPDATE ON ACCEPTANCE SCANS:  The NRLCA has addressed the following issues with USPS Headquarters pertaining to the changes to the IMDAS and acceptance scans:  1. As you are aware there are certain pieces of mail that the carrier scans that is prompting for a signature and a requirement that the customer must be 21 years … Read more

Word from National on the new acceptance scans

The National Board has made the decision not to pursue the acceptance scan issue in accordance with the provisions of Article 19 in the National Agreement for the various reasons discussed on the conference call. The NRLCA is still in discussions with Postal Headquarters on the following issues: Barcodes that require verification of over age … Read more


NRLCA: POSTAL SERVICE WITHDRAWS PROPOSED SUBCONTRACTING CHANGES: “The Postal Service has notified the Association that it has rescinded the proposed changes to Handbook M-38, Management of Rural Delivery Services, which would have expanded its ability to subcontract rural routes to contract delivery service. Notification of the Postal Service’s decision to withdraw the changes came after … Read more

USPS Proposes Changes Which Would Expand its Ability to Subcontract Rural Routes to Contract Delivery Service

National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association: “The National Office has just received notification from the Postal Service of proposed changes to Handbook M-38, Management of Rural Delivery Services, which would greatly expand its ability to subcontract rural routes to contract delivery service. Your National Board is taking immediate steps on all appropriate fronts to address this … Read more

Let them Eat Cake… The USPS version..

  A trend has developed lately that is very disturbing. It seems that postal employees, and our wages have become the whipping post of USPS management, Congress and the media. They howl and groan that labor costs in the USPS are 80% of USPS expenses. Basically, the public perception of us has been destroyed by … Read more

Rural carrier fired for profanity loses suit against union

Connecticut rural carrier Josier F. Jeunes was terminated after an altercation with another carrier in 2007. Jeunes admitted using profanity during the incident, which the USPS contended was a violation of its zero tolerance policy. Jeunes filed suit against the USPS alleging discrimination. In June the US Second Court of Appeals upheld Jeunes’s dismissal. Jeunes also filed … Read more