Iowa Rural mail carrier seriously injured after two-vehicle crash 

A U.S. Postal Service worker from Hartley had to be flown by medial helicopter to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, following a two-vechile crash Wednesday morning. The collision took place at about 9:45 a.m. near the intersection of 250th Street and 100th Avenue, which is southwest of Milford. Deputies said 52-year-old Donald Hutzel of Hartley was … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero:  Stephen Hartman, Hudsonville, MI

Hudsonville, MI, Rural Carrier Stephen Hartman took his all-terrain vehicle (ATV) out for a spin recently — and ended up helping save two lives. Hartman, his brother and two friends were riding their ATVs through a remote area on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The group was soon approached by state police officers who had just spotted … Read more

Texas Rural Carrier spruces up Post Office grounds

For more than a year, Rural Carrier Darla Kelsey devoted her personal time and expertise to single-handedly making the Belton, TX, Post Office a little more beautiful. She took the initiative to brighten the landscape for the premises, including designing new garden areas and doing the spadework. “I do it because I like it. I … Read more

Family Photo Album Feared Lost Reunited With Owners 

This article features FLRLCA Vice President Natasha Patterson and how she helped reunite a family with their lost memories. (Way to go Natasha!)  A St. Petersburg woman stumbled across the 50-year-old pictures during a going-out-of-business sale at an area flea market six months ago. That began her mission to find the people in those photos, … Read more

Step 4 Settlement on National Agency Check with Inquiries – (Fingerprinting)

This case involved management requiring rural carriers, who have already been hired, to complete a National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) activities without compensation. The parties agree the NACI activities which includes completing paperwork, obtaining fingerprints and the direct cost of fingerprinting, will be “on the clock.” The NACI process is required for career employment. … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Michael Craven, Doerun, GA 

A car chase involving an SUV and a police vehicle ended recently in front of the Doerun, GA, Post Office. A passenger from the SUV began to run away, but a police officer tackled him. The two were struggling when Rural Carrier Michael Craven ran over to help. He held the man, who was then … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Deborah Creasy, Grove City, PA 

Grove City, PA, Rural Carrier Deborah Creasy was speaking to a co-worker when he began to faint. Creasy caught the man and stayed with him until emergency responders arrived. He was taken to a hospital and treated for dehydration. Source: Deborah Creasy, Grove City, PA | USPS News Link

Rural Carrier Hero: Nancy Lowe-Proctor, Hughson, CA

Hughson CA, Rural Carrier Nancy Lowe-Proctor was delivering mail when she was approached by a woman frantically searching for her 6-year-old daughter, who went missing while playing outside. The mother had called police. Lowe-Proctor said she would keep an eye out for the child and continued on her route. She later found the girl, who … Read more

Step 4 Settlement for Time Spent Waiting at a Train Crossing

This case involved management not giving credit for time waiting for trains at a train crossing. The carrier waited nine times in eight days during a mail count. The parties agree this constituted an unusual situation. Additionally, there is no dispute the frequency occurred regularly during the mail count. You may view the Step 4 … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Glenn Berg, Cissna Park, IL 

Cissna Park, IL, Rural Carrier Glenn Berg became concerned when he noticed uncollected mail in a customer’s mailbox. He knocked on the woman’s front door, but no one answered. Berg called the Postmaster, who contacted police. Officers entered the house and found the customer in dire need of medical care. She was taken to a … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Connie Potts, Morocco, IN 

Morocco, IN, Rural Carrier Connie Potts was delivering mail when she saw a man fall off a motorcycle and become pinned under it. She attempted help him, but the bike was too heavy to move. Two neighbors helped Potts free the biker, who suffered injuries but was able to make it home on his own. … Read more