Rural Carrier Hero: Charles Anderson, Florence, MS

Florence, MS, Rural Carrier Charles Anderson recently stopped by a store after work and saw a woman running through a nearby field.She looked upset and flustered, and Anderson soon realized why: The woman was trying to catch a small child who was chasing a dog headed toward a four-lane highway.The woman wasn’t going to reach … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Deana Hundley, London, KY

London, KY, Rural Carrier Dena Hundley was on her route when she saw a child running near a busy street. The crying boy said he was lost. Hundley couldn’t find anyone nearby that knew the boy, so she called the police and stayed with him until they arrived. He was later reunited with his family. … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Karen Davis, Century, FL

Century, FL, Rural Carrier Karen Davis became suspicious when she noticed a piece of mail regarding social security benefits was incorrectly addressed to her customer. She delivered it to the customer, who later learned someone had attempted to collect benefits in her name. The woman was then able to stop the payments. Source: Karen Davis, … Read more

State Convention and Amazon Stress Test Updates

These updates were sent to by a trusted source and were confirmed as correct by several other sources.  Please join me in thanking those that want to keep information flowing to rural carriers.  If not for them, thousands of dues paying rural carriers would be left in the dark wondering what might be happening … Read more

Mail carrier dies when lightning rips tree down on truck

A 43-year-old postal worker died on her route Saturday when a lightning strike ripped a tree on a North Carolina congressman’s property down on top of her mail truck, officials said. The tree smashed her vehicle and pinned her inside as a storm moved through the area at about 4:45 p.m. in Denver, around 30 … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Lynn McMillan, Columbia, SC

Moncks Corner, SC, Rural Carrier Lynn McMillan was delivering mail when she encountered a man who had been assaulted and robbed. She called 911 and the man’s daughter. Emergency responders arrived and helped the man, who later sent McMillan a note to thank her. In 2010, McMillan rescued a man who fell into a ditch. … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Jeremy Pasley, Adairsville, GA

Adairsville, GA, Rural Carrier Jeremy Pasley became concerned when he noticed a customer wasn’t collecting her mail. He entered the house, found the ill woman lying on the floor and called 911. Emergency responders took her to a hospital, where she recovered. Source: USPS News Link – Heroes Corner Archive – June 2015

Rural Carrier Hero: Lesa Howell, Ozark AR

Ozark, AR, Rural Carrier Lesa Howell was delivering mail recently when she noticed a woman lying on the ground. The woman said she had fallen while coming down the steps and had been immobile for more than three hours. Howell called for help and retrieved a blanket and pillow to keep the woman comfortable. She … Read more

Wisconsin Rural Carrier retires after 45-year postal career 

The lifetime Bay City resident spent his final day as a rural mail carrier with the town’s post office on Wednesday, June 3 before retiring his nearly 45-year career. This was the same career that started when Hohmann first became a part-time worker at the office, a position he claimed nobody else wanted.“It was hard … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Tim Armbruster, Foley, MO

Foley, MO, Rural Carrier Tim Armbruster was delivering mail when he saw a man who had fallen and injured himself. Armbruster called 911 and stayed with the man until emergency responders arrived. The man’s wife later called the Post Office to thank Armbruster for helping her husband, who was treated for a broken leg. Source: … Read more

Rollover sends rural mail carrier to hospital

A rollover crash on Copperhead Road Tuesday afternoon involving a rural mail carrier required the jaws of life.Wapello County Sheriff Mark Miller said that the accident on the gravel road was a basic traffic accident where the driver likely lost control on the gravel, overcorrected and “ended up in this predicament.”Reports indicate the driver, an … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Jacque Martin, Italy, TX

Italy, TX, Rural Carrier Jacque Martin was delivering mail when she encountered a woman who fell and injured herself an hour earlier. Martin called 911, covered the woman with a blanket and stayed with her until help arrived. The woman, who broke a wrist and hip, was expected to recover. Source: USPS News Link – … Read more

NRLCA Endorses United States Postal Service Shipping Equity Act

Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA-14) has proposed legislation that would amend title 18, United States Code and title 39, United States Code to allow the USPS to ship alcohol likes its competitors UPS and FedEx. Currently, the Postal Service cannot ship beer, wine, or liquor. The bill would allow USPS to ship alcoholic beverages directly from … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Anita Fee, Crestview, FL,

Florida rural carrier helps, inspires others Crestview, FL, Rural Carrier Anita Fee Since joining the Postal Service 14 years ago, Crestview, FL, Rural Carrier Anita Fee has come to the aid of several customers, including one whose home caught fire and a woman about to give birth. But Fee’s daily acts of heroism inspire her … Read more