USPS Proposes Changes Which Would Expand its Ability to Subcontract Rural Routes to Contract Delivery Service

National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association: “The National Office has just received notification from the Postal Service of proposed changes to Handbook M-38, Management of Rural Delivery Services, which would greatly expand its ability to subcontract rural routes to contract delivery service. Your National Board is taking immediate steps on all appropriate fronts to address this … Read more

A tale of two realities… Editorial by

I am sure we have all heard of the USPS posting an 8.5 billion dollar loss for 2010. This number just jumps off the page at you doesn’t it? 8.5 billion dollars? How in the world can the USPS survive something like this? This kind of number could make postal employees really wonder about the … Read more

Let them Eat Cake… The USPS version..

  A trend has developed lately that is very disturbing. It seems that postal employees, and our wages have become the whipping post of USPS management, Congress and the media. They howl and groan that labor costs in the USPS are 80% of USPS expenses. Basically, the public perception of us has been destroyed by … Read more

ECAB rules that Rural Carriers are covered driving to work

ECAB rules that Rural Carriers are covered driving to work: “The Employee’s Compensation Appeals Board has ruled that a rural carrier who was in a car accident on her way to work was in the performance of duty as she was driving the vehicle which she intended to use to deliver mail on the date … Read more

Rural carrier fired for profanity loses suit against union

Connecticut rural carrier Josier F. Jeunes was terminated after an altercation with another carrier in 2007. Jeunes admitted using profanity during the incident, which the USPS contended was a violation of its zero tolerance policy. Jeunes filed suit against the USPS alleging discrimination. In June the US Second Court of Appeals upheld Jeunes’s dismissal. Jeunes also filed … Read more