Rural Carrier Hero: Allan Stickley, Boscobel, WI

Boscobel, WI, Rural Carrier Allan Stickley was driving on his route when he spotted a woman near a house with smoke pouring out the windows. She flagged him down and led him to an overheated wood furnace in the basement. Stickley saw the chimney was starting to catch fire. He quickly closed off the air … Read more

NRLCA, APWU, and USPS go to court over who sorts the mail

Early last fall, the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) filed a labor grievance against the Postal Service concerning who separates and sorts the mail brought back to the post office by rural carriers.  Now the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) has filed a lawsuit against the Postal Service and the APWU over the issue. … Read more

South Carolina rural carrier helps ill woman

Irmo, SC, Rural Carrier Kendra Miller had finished her route and was on her way back to the Post Office when she saw a vehicle with the driver behind the wheel — her head laid back. Miller approached and found the doors locked with the engine still running. She knocked several times but the woman … Read more

Rural letter carrier writes book of experiences

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor a bear or other crazy experiences has kept Jesse Lee Hatfield from delivering the mail — they just motivated him to write a book. “I love being a rural mail carrier,” Hatfield said. The 55-year-old lives in Conway, but he has delivered mail for 23 years for the Greenbrier Post … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Kathy Potter, Middleburgh, NY

Middleburgh, NY, Rural Carrier Kathy Potter was on her route when she came upon a woman who had suffered a seizure and collapsed on her front porch. With the help of a neighbor, Potter alerted emergency responders and the woman’s husband, who was at work. Potter later learned the woman was expected to recover. via … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Michael Atwood, Richmond, KY

Richmond, KY, Rural Carrier Michael Atwood was delivering mail when he saw a truck with the driver slumped over. The man was too weak to move, so Atwood helped him out of the vehicle and into a nearby chair. Atwood called 911 and stayed with him until help arrived. via USPS News Link – Heroes … Read more

NRLCA Supports the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act

National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association Supports the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave ActFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEDecember 17, 2014National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association – www.nrlca.orgContact: Margaret Boehm,, 703-797-8412The National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association endorses the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act that was introduced by Senators Jon Tester D-MT and Jerry Moran R-KS. The bipartisan legislation would allow … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Gordon Yunker, Hartington, NE

Hartington, NE, Rural Carrier Gordon Yunker was delivering mail when he came upon an overturned truck, with the injured driver pinned inside. Yunker called 911 and stayed until help arrived. The driver was taken by helicopter to a hospital where he was expected to recover. via USPS News Link – Heroes Corner Archive – December … Read more

IG: USPS spends far more on city mail carriers than rural carriers

The Postal Service is paying significantly more in costs to supervise city mail carriers than it does for rural carriers, says a Dec. 2 USPS inspector general report. For every 100 employees, supervisory costs – including salary and benefits – for city carriers were about $440,000 on average in fiscal 2013, the report (pdf) says. The supervisory costs of … Read more

Rural carrier hero: Vivian Prescott, Dermott, AR

Dermott, AR, Rural Carrier Vivian Prescott grew concerned when a customer hadn’t collected mail in several days. She asked a neighbor to check on her. The neighbor called the woman’s son, who entered the house and found his mother unconscious. Emergency responders took her to a hospital where she recovered. Doctors said Prescott and the … Read more

Mail carrier (RCA) rescues puppies from fire

“I know that this particular home, they have a few dogs, and I just came around the corner there where they live and I saw the shed on fire,” Thompson told the Daily Reporter. “I thought, ‘I just gotta check, just in case.’” Sure enough, Thompson heard puppies whimpering from inside the burning shed. She … Read more

Rural Carrier Heroes: Cameron Brown, NC and Gina McCool, Moores, IN

Cameron Brown, Waynesville, NC Posted 12/2/14 Waynesville, NC, Rural Carrier Cameron Brown was delivering mail to a residence when he heard someone calling for help from an adjacent workshop. He found a man on the floor bleeding from a head wound. Brown notified the man’s wife, who called for help. Brown stayed with the man … Read more

Colorado Rural Mail carrier Bob Trujillo honored for stopping wildfire

A mail carrier is being honored for stopping a small brushfire before it became a wildlife in Jefferson County. Bob Trujillo was delivering mail near Genesee when he smelled smoke. He investigated and spotted a small brushfire near a customer’s home, according to the United State Postal Service. “Because he had no cell phone service, … Read more

Letter to the Union from over worked and P’d Off RCA »

To the NRLCA, Recently, the plan for Amazon Sunday deliveries was put into effect by the USPS. The plan is to have “main” offices as the Hub for these deliveries, not just to that office’s city and rural areas, but also to surrounding areas. This in essence committed “substitute” carriers/RCAs, in that specific office, to … Read more

Rural Carrier Hero: Emily Hawkins, Inman, SC

Inman, SC, Rural Carrier Emily Hawkins was delivering mail when she noticed a woman lying in a yard. The woman said she’d been on the ground for an hour after she fell and injured herself. Hawkins ran to get the woman’s husband, and they helped the woman get back on her feet. The couple thanked … Read more