United we Stand? Not Quite….

United we stand?? Do we as a union stand united?  Are we all for one and one for all?  In my opinion, no we are not.  We are nothing like the labor unions of the old days.  We really do not have the kind of power they had back then.   The best a postal … Read more

I am a fraud, a rural stalker, an IMPOSTER… Oh the horror

Ruralinfo.net note: This is a blast from the past.. Something I wrote a couple of years ago…  Still makes me giggle to this day..  Enjoy! Ok, so, I got word that one certain State Steward is telling carriers in his state that moi (ruralinfo) has been checked out by the NRLCA National Officers and that … Read more

The USPS Double Standard..

Historical Editorial – Not recent- you will see references to past events The latest GAO report about spending by management just shows that the the USPS recession only affects craft workers. http://www.uspsoig.gov/foia_files/FF-AR-10-025.pdf While craft jobs are being cut management is continuing business as usual.. There is a new VP of “something” about once a month. … Read more

10 things you might not know about the USPS

Presidential Postal Workers Two postmasters became US Presidents later in their careers. Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman. Truman held the title and signed papers but immediately turned the position and its pay over to an assistant. Lincoln was the only President who had served as a postmaster. Famous Postal Workers Some famous people that were … Read more

Route Vehicles and Inequality

Yesterday, I asked a simple question of my followers on Facebook. I asked them, “How many days of your annual leave or LWOP have you had to sacrifice for the sake of vehicle repairs?” This stirred a lot of rural carriers up BIG TIME. Of course most had used a lot of their annual/vacation days … Read more

What have unions done? Here’s what….

I put these facts together because I am really growing tired of all of the anti-union rhetoric and propaganda that seems to be the popular opinion these days. Americans have forgotten that the middle class was built on unions. If you receive paid holidays, thank a union. If you receive vacation time, thank a union. … Read more

Wrong side driving. Does the USPS condone it or not?

There was an article written in the Roanoke Times this week about rural carriers delivering from the right side while reaching across to the left to use the steering wheel and brake/gas controls. The reporter contacted me a couple of months ago asking if he could post on my message boards to solicit opinions from … Read more

Twas the day after Christmas overtime

Its that time again.. I always pull out my Christmas OT poem about this time every year.. I wrote this a few years ago, but nothing ever changes.. Twas the day after Christmas overtime and all around my case were piles and piles of catalogs with not an inch of floor in the place I … Read more

On the 12th day of Christmas Overtime the USPS gave to me…

The 12 days things is going around FB, so I thought I would add our own special touch! On the 12th day of Christmas Overtime the USPS gave to me… 12 Migraine headaches 11 Busted knuckles 10 False directives 9 Letters of Warning 8 Managers freaking 7 Shoulders aching 6 Pre-D discussions Fiiiivvvveeee broken machines … Read more

15 things your rural carrier wont tell you…

1. No, you didnt get any mail.  If you had any mail I would have put it in your box. Just because you didnt find any mail in your box DOES NOT mean someone stole your mail. There really are times when you do not get mail. I promise.   2. No, the USPS did … Read more

Odds Stacked Against Postal Reform

A guest blog by VOCAL RCA With Washington being overwhelmed with a barrage of investigations, the likelihood of postal reform seems unforeseeable in the 114 days that the Postal Service has until it runs out of money. Currently Washington D.C. is being faced with several ongoing investigations, including the American diplomatic mission attack in Benghazi, … Read more

Social media and Postal Employees

A Ruralinfo.net Editorial Social media and what employees can do and say is kind of a New Frontier.  Basically, with the surge of Facebook, Twitter and all of the other social media websites out there, we are more or less, as a work force, stumbling in the dark.  So what exactly are the rules concerning … Read more

Are Post Office Closures Unconstitutional

A guest blog by VOCAL RCA   While post offices are being sold throughout the United States, there is a looming question on whether or not this act, committed by the Postmaster General and Congress, is unconstitutional. According to Article 1, section 8, clause 7 (wikipedia) of the U.S. Constitution, Congress shall have the power … Read more

Rest in Peace Marie Youngblood our fellow rural carrier

Obituary for Marie Youngblood – She was laid to rest on Saturday, June 1st, 2013   Marie Youngblood 52; passed away on Friday, May 17, 2013 in Coldspring, Texas. Mrs. Youngblood was born on Thursday January 12, 1961 in Houston, Texas; to Eddie Matthews and Hasteen Matthews. Marie was preceded in death by her father; … Read more