Concern about dark delivery

This is a Guest Blog by Donna – A rural carrier with 13+ full time years in 6 Rca years in and short time as city Ptf before that and past dual appt for plant for hours as rca

I can only talk for what I see at my office… Seems to me That over the years the postal service act like it is a “surprise” that Christmas is here… when if fact it comes every year like clock work! What is means to use rural carriers is higher mail volumes and more parcels and longer hours, and possible bad weather to deal with…

With all these factors this is the first year the Postal Service added late start time! My Problem with this is that something has to give… In our office as rural carriers we take all our mail every day… while city carriers are allowed to curtail… I do understand they have to carry on their backs ( I was a city ptf) . I just don’t understand why are supervisor doesn’t have power to tell rural carriers on over burden day to curtail bulk…. last Monday we had carriers in office tell 2 or 3 pm and then delivering till 7, 8, 9pm…  And this was with good weather…. when bad weather comes this is going to get real bad real quick…

Just seems to me like the Post Office no longer cares about the rural craft or as us carriers as people!

Donna is a rural carrier with 13+ full time years in 6 Rca years in and short time as city Ptf before that and past dual appt for plant for hours as rca

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I was out Monday until 6:45p.m. The postmaster came and took my outgoing mail at 4:30p.m. He called me at 5:00p.m. to ask me how much longer I would be out. I told him that I had at least 1 hour or more because the roads were bad. He just said, "get it delivered". If it wasn't for all the crappy DPS we could have been done a lot earlier. They keep processing this DPS so we are bombed with it on Monday. Tues they only had 4 trays. It's the management at the plant.

No offense Tara, it doesn't matter what class of mail you have that day. The problem is carriers running the route. If I had 22 feet of flats, I'd still be out delivering them. You keep running the route and showing them you can deliver 2 days of mail in 9.5 hours and they'll give you some more mail. After 28 years, no common sense? We should be punching the clock, stumbling and mumbling and getting overtime and V-time just like the rest of the clock punchers. But that will never happen because we have so many route runners. Do… Read more »

I have been a rural carrier for 28 years. I have seen many stupid things over the years, but staying out after dark to deliver 3rd class flats has to be one of the worst. This past Monday my route had 22 feet of flats. At least 85% of those flats were 3rd class. I ended up working 9.5 hours. On Tuesday I had 8 feet of flats and worked 6 hours. It is beyond idiotic to stay out past dark when the flats could easily be distributed over a couple of days and we could all be safe. I… Read more »