Cost-of-Living Raises Set for August 27, 2022

Pursuant to the release of the July 2022 Consumer Price Index – Urban Wage and Clerical Workers (CPI-W), and in accordance with Article 9.1.E , the third COLA adjustment of the 2021-2024 National Agreement will result in a record $2,454 increase for eligible rural carriers. This COLA adjustment will be effective August 27, 2022 (PP 2022-19). All COLA adjustments are based on a 40-hour evaluation with proportional application to those route evaluations over 40 hours. The increase should appear in paychecks dated September 16, 2022.

In accordance with Article 9.1.E.3, full COLA adjustments will apply to Table One and new Step 15 of Table Two. COLA adjustments to Steps 1 through 14 of Table Two will be adjusted proportionally to each step’s percentage of Step 15. This will serve to bring Table Two schedule (Step 15) employees to the same pay level as Table One (Step 12) employees, thereby eliminating the pay differential between Table Two and Table One employees at the top step and for the rest of their careers.

NOTE: All leave replacement employees will receive an additional 1% salary adjustment annually in lieu of COLA adjustments.

NEW: Cost-of-Living Raises Set for August 27, 2022

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an easy way to figure it is to take your current salary and multiply it by 1.0365. the number you get is your new salary before taxes and deductions. You can then divide that number by 26 to find out what your paycheck will be (before taxes and deductions) and compare it to your current paycheck to see what the difference is.

It would be fantastic if our union could get a contract ratified in a timely manner so we were not building up this owed back-pay that theres No way in the world an average person can calculate that they are paid properly!!!
They’re doing a Step4 grievance now.
So that will piss off the USPS and they’re going to drag their feet longer on it because of this?!

how do you people get the right mail in the box!!

I am so confused, I am step 5 table 2. If I calculated is correctly that will be like$ 875 ? I took $ 2450÷by 14 steps so thats 175 a step. 175 ×5 steps= 875??

Anyone know if a carrier that just retired August 1st will get that cola increase because I worked through the period it counts for?

You are getting the same cola as someone on step 15. It’s based on percentage. Example Inflation has gone up 10 percent. Everyone gets a 10 percent cola. If you make 200 dollars on step 15 then you get a 20 dollar increase. If your step one and only making 150 then cola is going to pay you 15 more. If your a step 4 on a 48k making 210 then your cola is 21. But it’s all the same percentage. It’s stupid they don’t tell the percent we are getting and format it the way they do but you… Read more »

For those of you who are a bit confused about the $2454 COLA, it’s based on a 40 hour route for all table one and step 15 table two employees. Heres an example, my route is currently a 46J so my COLA will be $2822. If you do the math the COLA works out to be roughly $1.18 per hour so as a 46J I get paid for 92 hours per paycheck. 92 hours x 26 pay periods is 2392 hours per year. 2392 hours x $1.18 is $2822 per year. I should have mentioned that im on step 12… Read more »

Basically what this means for all of us Table Twoers is we get the shaft until we reach step 15. It makes no sense why they pay the people already making nearly double what we do the full amount and the ones barely making it get a crumb. I think we need to drain this “Union swamp” all those fat outta touch drunks making hand over fists screwing over their fellow carriers.

So if your step makes 50k a year,and the top step makes 70k (not accurate numbers, for example only), you would get 50k/70k, or 5/7ths of the COLA.

“COLA adjustments to Steps 1 through 14 of Table Two will be adjusted proportionally to each step’s percentage of Step 15”

I may be reading this wrong, but why would a COLA adjustment be different for different steps? Cost of living hardship is the same for all. Makes no common sense.

I’m so confused!! I’m table 2 step 2. So what does that mean?

Can someone explain this like I’m a five year old?

Sounds good…what about the retroactive COLAS that are still owed to us??