District steps up Micromanaging efforts


USPS management personnel from district offices in Tampa are visiting various offices performing dismount audits, remeasuring dismount distances for rural carriers and implementing set trip allowances.

Team members from district, performing the audit, are showing up unannounced. They are following rural carriers in a government vehicle and reconfiguring data that was already produced during route inspections, gathered by management in their assigned offices/stations. During a recent special mail count, from September 17th through September 30th, rural carriers’ pay were not affected if their route stayed within a two hour window, loss or gain. To ensure losses continue, for the upcoming 2014 mail count, scheduled for February 22nd through March 7th , district personnel are reconfiguring data on 4241’s by remeasuring distances from LLV’s or POV’s to CBU’s, businesses, and any other related dismounts.

One audit member asked questions like “how many trips, (from LLV to CBU) do you average on a given day”? This form of questioning is misleading and appears to open up opportunities for district and management to enter averages, during mail counts, instead of actual trips taken to deliver the days’ mail? Another question asked was “how many times a week do you get an ADVO like redplum? It also appears, based on how the question was asked, that district will use the data received, the day of the audit, instead of having the actual mail counted. It is unknown how many offices will be visited for this dismount audit however if the audit produces significant losses then there is no doubt that similar visits will occur nationwide.

It is obvious that the District is scrambling to reduce rural routes as low as possible the closer the engineer study gets to completion. If the engineer study is not derailed, the entire evaluated system could be rightfully overhauled by May 2015. District realizes that the engineer study could empower rural carriers’ and their routes, instead of the current decimation of rural routes. The numbers currently used in mail counts is beyond flawed. District is aware of this fact and knows that rural routes will lose during any given current mail count.

The current dismount audit is just another tactic district is using to guarantee rural route losses. Rural carriers will continue delivering to more boxes with less pay. It also makes it near impossible for rural carriers to make it back to the office by current 4240 time standards. The scheming will not end here. District will continue to come up with new ways to chip away at rural routes so that by May 2015, most of the damage will be done and what will be left?

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David you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. My route is 6.67 hours per day and whether it takes me 5 hours or 9 hours I still only get paid for 6.67. Please know what you’re talking about before you speak.

City carrier or Rural carrier and I've been both and still carrying 19 years as a city carrier, no time to bash each graft, we are and always will be the back-bone of the USPS.

What about the days we work 8-9 hours or more? It averages out for me through out the year, the way it's supposed to.

let's see you work six and a

half hour a day and get paid for eight. And now its catching up to you right. Am I understanding you?

Where's the NRLCA? We have full time stewards now.

You know FSS is supposed to save USPS a lot of money? Well I do not see the city carriers getting back any earlier, in fact they seem to be out later? FSS is just a way of punishing the Rural carriers to do more and get paid less!

Rurals are hated because overall we can make more money than a lot of our managers, and we go home in the afternoon before they do. But we do work harder than other postal workers.

Our carriers can't make it back by the time the HCR truck comes to pick up the rural mail on Mondays and will only get worse during the winter months. What happened to customer service. People's mail is not going out the day it is picked up but the following day. Sad

My Pm is retiring in January and is making herself sick with worry about the things upper level management is demanding be done. The stand up talks now have extra paperwork that has to be filled out and recorded. This is so ridiculous. Our one route office will be gone Because the PMR is quitting when the PM goes, I am the sub and both the regular and I will be leaving- I will be by next summer and the regular will be too. The next manager will have a huge mess on their hands. And I can't wait to… Read more »

why are rurals, ALWAYS thought of as the ones breaking the bank at the PO…everyday i hear from city and clerks about OVERTIME.. some on a daily basis…sick of being singled out

management is not your friend ever, sounds like the crap continues. So glad to be retired but do feel sorry for the great RD carriers that I worked with for years in RI and RD's everywhere across the country. After thirty two years of government service I am done.

Micromanaging by people who don't know the difference between ( does and dose )….

More pencil pushin clipboard cowboys. And they wonder why we are losing money