EMA rate to rise 1.5 cents – Effective April 1, 2017 (Pay Period 08-2017)

On March 16, 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the February 2017 Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) which established the Private Transportation Index at 193.388, an increase from the November 2016 Index of 189.479. Therefore, based on the February 2017 CPI-W release, the Equipment Maintenance Allowance for rural carriers will increase by 1.5¢ to 67¢ per mile. This EMA rate will be effective April 1, 2017 (Pay Period 08-2017).

Source: New EMA Rate – Effective April 1, 2017 (Pay Period 08-2017)

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