For Consideration from the Workroom Floor

This is a guest post by Dennis Dressler. Dennis Dressler is a regular rural carrier. Click here to see all of Dennis Dressler’s Guest Posts.

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension of not only letters and flats, but of parcels. A journey into a wondrous land who’s boundaries are that of integrity. We unlock this door with the arrow key of imagination; beyond it, is another dimension, a dimension of supervisors and managers, a dimension of systems and machines, a dimension of daunting postal customers… you are moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of new checks and Netflix, you’ve just crossed over into the Postal Zone…

Consider if you will the surreal nature of battling within Earthly confines and trudging methodically amidst blizzards of obstacles strewn about your forward path, the nature of that carnivorous canine standing between you and the front porch for which you hold a registered parcel containing the remains of the residents loved one, firmly in your grasps… ours is not a life of normalcy but one of exploration and adaptation, all the while knowing that the paper pushers don’t comprehend your task and why you are not capable of making it back within evaluation with every swing of the clocks pendulum. To the clock watching paper pushers each day is the same; a series of determination to meet their imposed expectations for us, determined for us to remain stringently time effective. A logging of reports and “what time will you be backs?” as you stare at the varying piles of “to be delivered” items and piles of goods that seem to taunt us with their proliferation and sometimes surprising scarcity, as they seemingly laugh at us and avoid the downcast eyes of our watchers.

They are not blind to the trays, tubs and hampers, but they are only numbers on a page for which your daily drudge should not concede. Intent to complicate the daily routine, on the signpost ahead a new antagonist, the 10:30 Express…Oh I am sorry the 10:30 Priority Mail Express. A new device to complicate the process, three varying delivery mandates for “Priority Mail Express” mail (for an additional fee, of course). Not to mention the demonic phone coupled to the unceasingly uncooperative scanning device to enhance our experience so the watchful can keep their ever seeing eye on our imposed reality.

So it is we live our lives week to week, day to day, to heed the call of those we service and those who crush our reality into time ridden heaps and by determining whether or not time can be spent away from the madness and in the confines of family or our purported fantasies meant to take us away from our routine, for which we must wait for a confirming accolade that many times never comes. Seemingly harbored from a life of reason and possibilities we find ourselves adrift on a sea of madness and once again sinking into the Postal Zone… a tribute to The Twilight Zone Television Series and to Rod Serling Post Master Field Marshall in the Postal Zone.

The following is from the 1961 episode, “The Obsolete Man“,

…it has refinements, technological advances and a more sophisticated approach…it has one iron rule; logic is an enemy and truth is a menace…any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man: that state is obsolete…

a case to be filed under R for Rural Postal Carrier in the Postal Zone.

(NOTE: Field Marshall is a step above General in rank)

This is a guest post by Dennis Dressler. Dennis Dressler is a regular rural carrier. Click here to see all of Dennis Dressler’s Guest Posts.