General Wage Increases (GWI) for rural carriers

In accordance with Article 9, Section 1.A of the 2018-2021 National Agreement, the basic annual salary schedules (Tables One and Two) in effect on May 20, 2018, with proportional application to hourly rate employees, for those employees covered under the terms and conditions of this Agreement, shall be increased as follows:

  • Effective November 23, 2019
    The basic annual salary for each step (Tables One and Two) shall be increased by an amount equal to 1.1% of the appropriate March 03, 2018 salary schedule.
  • Table 3 and Table 4 schedules (RCA, RCR, ARC) will reflect a 1.1% general increase and a 1% wage adjustment for a total of 2.1% of the appropriate March 03, 2018 salary schedule.

The November 23, 2019 General Wage Increase will be processed by the USPS in PP 25-2019 and reflected in paychecks received on December 13, 2019.


Click here to view the updated pay schedules

General Wage Increases (GWI)

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Amounts to less than $.25/hr for me. Better than nothing but not by much.

‘Raise’ based on a nearly 2 year old pay scale. ????

Look at the overall picture, it’s a garbage raise offset by the large health insurance increase, especially if you are in the rcbp with Aetna. It’s not a raise, it’s a joke

Do the reading before the math. It is 1.1% of the March 03, 2018 salary schedule.

Do the math it’s only a 1.07% increase what happened to the other .03%?