GPS for your scanner? Bluetooth? The future starts now!

Also see a standup talk describing the procedures!  Already being deployed in some areas.

See standup talk here

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My carriers love it customer have real time tracking and I am able to find misdelivered parcel everytime. New scanner are coming smaller and no cell phone.

we are getting ours in pickens sc.

my office doesnt have it. will ever post office get it

What's next? Microchips?

IF THEY REALLY had people up there who knew what to do…instead of giving everything to DHL…FEDEX and UPS..we'd be making money!..NOOOOO it's waste and waste…line their pockets with OUR money we make! FEDUP!

They are "losing" money and wasting on this crap!! Explain the logic?!!!

Bring it!

So would wrapping the phone in tin foil until your 'free' –on the road that is — help??

WHo was the genius that thought the pairing of a cellular device with the scanner was good idea? That is THE STUPIDEST thing they have ever done. Why pair the phone with an outdated scanner… START OVER. Get with the 21st century people, simplify don't be adding more processes and make things better. It is ridiculous!

sounds like a waste of money, we just got new scanners like four or five years ago.

We got these things in our office and they suck. 4 or 5 times a day when you take a parcel up to a door to scan it you stand there for 2 or 3 minutes looking like an idiot because the scanner is transferring other scans to the phone. All you can do is stand there and wait until its done, it is very annoying and time consuming.

works for me


If you're holding a cellular GPS device during your entire route, management will literally be able to track your every move.