Guess What? It’s our Birthday! is 18 years old

Our Story:

Not totally sure of the exact date I started The domain creation date was April 4th, 2007. I ran the website for about 2 years on a free Google website.. So this website is AT LEAST 18 years old..

You have probably heard many things about this website and most of them are probably not true. I am NOT anti union. Yes, I AM a union member. Yes, I really am a rural carrier. I do the job every single day just like you do. I do not pretend to be a replacement for the NRLCA and I never will. I am all about sharing news with all rural carriers.

I do not like the anti-internet stance the NRLCA takes. I feel they could be much more responsive to the membership by using the internet. I believe they should build a strong social presence and share information with all of us, even those that cannot make it to union meetings. As the saying goes, If you build it, they will come… (I will give credit where credit is due... They have really upped their game on their social media presence and I commend them)

But, that is just me and until that day, I will continue to try to get the news out to rural carriers in any format I can…

Thanks to those of you that have supported me for so many years in this project. If not for you, would never have become what it is today..

I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing community we have built on

Every time you invest a single minute in reading, commenting, liking and sharing, is a minute that I am thankful for.

I am especially thankful for those that have donated money for various projects or just because you wanted to show your appreciation.

Just the fact that you choose to spend some of the time in your life with makes me thankful.

This website would never have grown to what it is today without the support of all of you..

Even though I am retired now, I am looking forward to continuing all of this for years to come.. is not, never has been, and never will be an official "union" website.

An uninformed membership can do no good.... Only with information can we contribute and improve our union. Ignorance really is not bliss. The more secrecy we have within our union, the less accountability.

Disclaimer is not sponsored or authorized by the NRLCA, the USPS or any state or local association. The materials on’s web site are provided “as is”. They are presented here for informational use only. See full disclaimer

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We are lucky to have your website with a lot of information about Rural craft. Keep up this tremendous work . We are behind and next to you