Guest Blogs

I am looking for bloggers or contributors who can write original, high quality articles for this website.


Advantages for you

Featured article will include your name, short bio and a link back to your blog or website.

Articles will be promoted across my network of thousands of postal workers/rural carriers. It will be promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and my newsletter.  This is an excellent way for you to promote your website and/or business for FREE or get your point of view out to thousands of postal workers.


The focus of your content should be on providing readers with useful, informative, relative and unique articles, that inform and enlighten the reader. Please deliver your very best work – sloppy and poorly written articles will not be accepted.

All blog posts must be in English, with proper grammar and spelling use.

All content must be original, absolutely no republished posts.

Guest posts must be polished and edited before being submitted. We reserve the right to edit your submission for brevity, grammar and readability. If too much editing is required, chances are that it will not be published. So please submit your very best work!  Your post should include a catchy title, a short bio, along with good formatting and structure.

Absolutely no promotional links will be allowed within the article. Only links that enhance the article will be allowed. At the end of your article, you will be allowed to include a short bio with a link to your website. No affiliate links are allowed.

Guest posts may be republished on your blog, but they must include a link to the original post.

Appropriate subjects and topics for posts are listed below.

  1. Postal issues
  2. Federal employee issues
  3. Ending/Keeping Saturday Delivery
  4. PostPlan
  5. Consolidations
  6. Postal Union issues
  7. NRLCA issues
  8. Postal regulation issues
  9. Congress/Postal issues
  10. The future of the Postal Service
  11. The history of the Postal Service
  12. The history of the rural craft
  13. The history of Postal Unions
  14. Union Protests/Labor issues
  16. TSP

Any other issues that relate to the Postal service, the rural craft or postal and federal employees.

We reserve the right to edit your submission for brevity, grammar and readability or deny your submission.

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