Highlights from South Atlantic Conference (SAC)

Buy back legislation.
Some had thought that it covered post employees but OMB says no. Union came up with language to include Postal Workers in the bill. There is no language included in the bill for who pays. It could end up the employee responsibility for the whole bill, if employer/government has to pay anything, it probably won’t pass. Hoping for a vote by the end of the month. Need to get to 290 co sponsors. Senate will enter a stand alone version and language will be included in postal reform bill also. Get your congressman’s # on speed dial and Stay tuned!


USPS asked to extend talks

NRLCA has asked for a leveling of pay tiers for both regulars and RCAs.

USPS is not interested in giving RCA benefits or holiday pay.

Union asked for the same insurance rates for RCAs that CCAs are offered.

No agreement on proposals – 33 proposed by NRLCA.

Final proposals submitted/waiting for Usps response.

Would cost 300k for ratification process.

USPS doesn’t want arbitration either.

USPS proposals:
Give up 18 seconds for scans go to 5
Give up extra pay for relief day worked. Only paid evaluation
Give up Christmas OT
NALC previous contract used as leverage – They gave examples of the concessions that NALC gave up to get what they got, One example was NALC agreed to let the USPS increased the compliment percentage for CCA’s that they can hire.
Change DPS review
Adjustments changed – 46 overburdened
Aux to 48 Hours before conversion.
No subs for H routes
No count until RRECS implemented

Other Information

NRLCA app is currently being tested and on the way

Currently 801 ARCS
Currently an LLV on 135 mi route
115k members 1/2019

Academy to include 1 hr block for NRLCA recruitment.
Union to have own academy instructor application, not ecareer

Letter went out to the field PO doing a test on RRECS, NRLCA was not notified of test beforehand.

NEW SCANNERS being tested in Northland District/ android
Honeywell/Zebra ZCT7

5 heat stress trials/USPS/OSHA nationwide abatement to be decided by Judge Calhoun sometime in spring 2019

City OT 1.2 billion per year!
75m a year OT for rural RDWL included.
NRLCA proposed a committee to look at hiring/retention. PO said no.

We might have been told that many routes would be created as a result of the RRECS, that was never true. There will be winners and losers


Questions asked of the board:

RRECS paid to walk back to car: yes
RRECS-Still 12 mo evaluation

RCAs sent to other offices case: moved up.

1)Retro k (x) day pay dispute. – When a carrier works the old evaluation until the adjustment is made and the new evaluation takes effect retroactively, the system automatically pays the carrier an X-day+ 50% and creates a letter of demand for the relief day worked for the new evaluation before it became effective. NRLCA wants those on the RDWL to have the choice of code 3 or 5.
2. Driving privileges  -NRLCA wants P.O. to offer carriers work whenever the P.O. suspends a rural employees driving privileges.
3. How many step 4s settled since August? (11) 44 to go. 21 active.
4. Special count? – No contractual counts except special count in Sept. for qualifying routes, requires a change in L (gain or lose L) status and 2 hours (up or down)
5. RCA buyback for pending legislation:  RCA buyback would be on actual hours worked if legislation is passed
6. Can a PTF be a 204b? NO
7. 204b limits proposal taken to Usps. Usps said no this year.
8. No more than 7 days rule is not a rule. – No rule limiting number of days in a row an rca can work. However, one member of upper management states it is a safety issue, but local management should not be violating the contract to give an RCA a day off, entitled to work primary route
9. Amazon in the box? 603: take it back.
10. Step 3: leave for July wedding. Mgmt denied. Went to Step 3 leave approved.- Carrier was able to file and get the leave approved before July came and went.
11. Arb. case for adequate vehicle. Lots of 2nd trip. NRLCA position should be added to eval. Po wants to cut. Actual time for anything other than actual 2nd trip.

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#8 states no 7 day rule— management is making our district follow a 6 day rule- so that someone on an Aux route is being forced to take a day off in the week so they can make her do Amazon Sunday