How to order the NRLCA contract in book form from the postal service

This post seems to be older than 1 year— so keep that in mind while reading. It might be outdated.

To obtain copies of the EL-902:
1. Call the Customer Service line for the USPS Topeka, KS distribution center at 800-332- 0317
2. You will then listen to the prompts and select option”4”
3. You will receive another list of prompts and will select option “4” again
4. You will inform the representative of who you are and that you are ordering the EL-902, Item Number PSN 7610-01-000-9092.
5. Give them the quantity you wish to order. If you want to order more than 25 copies, you must inform the operator that your order is approved as per Item Manager, Brett James.
6. They will give you a price quote and an invoice number that MUST be included on the check/ money order for payment.
7. Your payment should be made out to USPS and mailed to:
Attention: Accounting 500 SW Gary Ormsby Dr Topeka, KS 66624-9401
8. Upon receipt of the payment the order will be shipped.
Individual copies of the contract start at $9.50 including shipping and processing and will become less expensive the more you purchase.

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