Mail Count – Let the Games Begin


Let the games begin, because really that is what they are.. Games..

I mean what other time of year are we considered “petty” when we ask for time for things we do EVERYDAY?  These are not fun games, these are survival games.  It is a game where we fight for our livelihoods, we fight for our own pay and our sub’s pay.  We fight for what is fair and right while being met with resistance from our managers.

How many times have you seen that look on your manager’s face?  The one where they KNOW what you are asking for is right but they avert their eyes and deny your time for it?  They give you an almost incoherent answer while walking away?  And don’t get me wrong, ALL managers are not evil, but ALL managers have direct orders to follow from those up the food chain.  And when it comes down to their job for not following orders, well, we know how that works out..

Mail Counts have moved from being a physical count of our “usual”  mail volume to a physical “manipulation” of our mail volume through plant cleaning and predated mail being shoved through the system when it would usually sit at the plant until they felt like moving it out.

So we get to play the game starting out with a disadvantage.  We dont have the power to make sure the mail gets to our office to be counted.  The only power we have is to fight for what does make it there..  We have to fight because it a fight for our survival.  DO NOT be intimidated.  If it is right, it is right, and you have to fight for it.  There will be a lot of intimidation and denials thrown around for the next two weeks and we have to be informed and stand ready to fight for ourselves.

So, the most important thing in your Mail Count Survival kit is to be INFORMED!  Know what you are entitled to and STAND UP FOR IT!  There will be times when they try to make you feel like what you are asking for is silly and petty.  There will be times when you look at your manager with your mouth agape because they are denying you credit for something BOTH of you know you do every single day!  There will be times when you will not recognize your manager.  It will seem like someone has snatched your well mannered manager’s body and mind.  There will be times you feel as if you are in the TWILIGHT ZONE because it all seems so stupid and unreal.

The best advice I can give is for you to be a WALKING TALKING Mail Count Guide.  Be ready to show them WHY they are wrong and be ready to fight for it!  And there will be times when having it in black and white will NOT be good enough, because they have been given their “orders” from above.  BLACK and WHITE becomes subjective when the “Mothership”  has beamed “orders” to their body snatched warriors!

So let the Survival games begin.  Let us be so informed that we make them stand with their mouth agape at our knowledge.   Let us not be intimidated!  Let us fight for what is right every single day.  A few seconds can keep you from going into the next hour of pay, so seconds DO COUNT!

Keep Calm, but know your stuff and be ready to fight for it.

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Because of icy weather in Texas trucks couldn’t get through . Absolutely no mail today. Management assured us it will make it before count is over. 4 inches of snow expected tonight, down south that shuts everything down. Can we get count thrown out?

I had opted out of the last 3 counts and my volume had been up across the board especially parcels, but as soon as mail count started…guess what. It’s so obvious I
can’t understand why the union can’t get something done about it, like have the count thrown out.

I have gone through many counts and this is the most crooked one yet. Managers will not do anything they are supposed to do and we have no where to go. Knowing what is right doesn’t mean you can get your Union reps to back you.

Hope This is the last count..EVER!!!!


Good luck to everyone counting. Im thankful to be sitting this one out.

A “game” we can’t win!