Mail Count Survival Kit

Below you will find all kinds of checklists, documents, forms and more to help you get through the mail count.

You can download each file individually, or you can scroll to the bottom and download them in a zip file.  Once you download the zip file to your computer, double click on the file and it will extract all of the included documents into a folder for you.  Hope all of this helps and good luck!


Download the Mail Count Guide

Step by Step of a mail count

Download the Mail Count Supporting Documents

Documents to support the rules

Download Important Dates and Deadlines

Dates and deadlines we all need to know!

Download Precount Conference

A list of things to consider bringing up during the precount conference!

Sample PS Form 4241

Just a sample so you can get familiar with the form

PS Form 4239 with Descriptions

A PS Form 4239 with the description in each box

Time Standard Chart

A chart I put together that tells you time values for some mail count items

Mark Up Tracking Sheet

Track your daily Mark Ups with this form

Edit book credit

Make sure you get your Edit book credit! You are entitled to it.

Parcel or Flat

Is it a parcel or a flat? Maybe this will help.

Mail Count Dispute Form

This is a dispute form that covers some of the more common issues

Mail Count Disagreement Form

This is a mail count disagreement form if you decide to dispute your count results

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