Mail Count Update: Items Eligible for Credit in Column 22-Carrier Pick-Up Items

The NRLCA has been notified that 3 additional products have been added to those eligible for Carrier Pick-Up. They are: First-Class Package Service, Parcel Select, and First Class Package Return Service.

For purposes of the Mail Count, these additional categories of mail, when collected in conjunction with a Carrier Pick-Up Request, or a management directive to go to the customer’s door for pick up, will be credited in Column 22-Carrier Pick-Up Items.

The Column 21 and 22 Flow Chart in the Mail Count Section has been updated to reflect these changes.

If you have any questions, please contact your assigned District Representative.

via News Info.

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The NRLCA is the most gutless,spineless union ever. I was put on Emergency Placement. And they told me”Call us when you’re fired”. Wow Thanks, I had to call some”Friends in High Places” to save my job. They were bewildered when I told them I saved my job. I honestly believe they wanted me fired to create some work for somebody higher up in the union.

How can this be the last mail count when carriers haven’t even been trained on the new scanners but yet word out is that info is just about gathered to do away with and set new standards. ???????

They can do whatever they want and have for years. The union is useless. I’m so glad I’m out of it. It’s getting worse by the day. This so called STUDY is s joke.

Who agreed this crap this a violation on our union and po if they both agreed once we have had a mandatory meeting in office no changes are allowed to be made wether in contract or operational this is grounds for it to be thrown out hmmm I think I will take that challenge

Feb 7 thru 28

Laura Edgecomb Rainey

When is mail count again???

I can’t get the article to pull up.

February 7 thru 28

They told us that at mail count t meetin couple of weeks ago

this is something that should of been released before the cut off time to count

There was a count conference here on Sunday I believe a lot of this is what was spoken of… Pm gave a talk today… We’re gonna bump heads a few places… Uhhh I hate this… Can’t wait till it’s over!!!

Wendy Williams,

Linda Korpalski

Sarah Stensland de Souza, Janet Bedsole, Jean Dyer