MOU to Allow Regular Rural Carriers to Volunteer to Work on a Limited Number of Sundays

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The parties recognize that during the 2016 holiday season, the Postal Service is experiencing an unprecedented increase in parcel business. In order to fulfill our service commitments to our customers during this season, the parties have agreed to a limited modification to certain contractual provisions as outlined in the attached MOU.

These volunteer regular rural carriers will be scheduled to work on Sundays on a rotating basis by seniority following the scheduling of Assistant Rural Carriers (ARCs), and all other leave replacements assigned to the office. Regular rural carriers who volunteer may be utilized, as needed, to deliver packages on any route(s) in the office.

All available leave replacements assigned to the office must be scheduled to work on Sunday, prior to scheduling any volunteer regular rural carriers.

Regular rural carriers will be compensated at the overtime rate for hours worked on Sunday.

Please click here to view the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


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1 Comment on "MOU to Allow Regular Rural Carriers to Volunteer to Work on a Limited Number of Sundays"

  1. Steve Rottler | 12/26/2016 at 11:30 am |

    Just another joke. This is an act of desperation. What’s incentive for anyone to work Sundays? Fact is PO cannot afford to incentivize. Profit margins not large enough. They think they are being competitive. It’s a losing business plan and no indication that PO can change their ways. Career people bewar

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