New Equipment Maintenance Allowance Schedule for Rural Routes

Rural Carriers

In accordance with the provisions of Article 9, section 2.J.3 of Handbook EL-902, Agreement Between the United States Postal Service and the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association, effective March 27, 2021 (pay period 08-21), the equipment maintenance allowance (EMA) will increase to 73.0 cents per mile, or a minimum of $29.20 per day, whichever is greater.

Auxiliary Rural Carriers, Rural Carrier Reliefs, Rural Carrier Associates, Rural Carrier Part-Time Flexibles, and Auxiliary Assistance

Employees providing auxiliary assistance or serving auxiliary routes under the provisions of Article 9, section 2.J.5, receive an EMA of 73.0 cents per mile or $7.90 per hour, whichever is greater. This EMA must not exceed the amount provided in the special equipment maintenance allowance for the route stops and miles.

EMA Rate Schedule

The EMA rate schedule on pages 39 and 40 supersedes all previously published EMA schedules for employees receiving EMA.

EMA 08 2021

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