Non payments for paychecks – PP 17

Non paychecks- pay period 17
The Executive Committeemen are receiving many calls from the field related to the approximately 9,000 carriers that did not get a pay check for pay period 17 and the adjustment did not come through this pay period except the adjustments for some carriers’ benefits were deducted without getting the corrected pay (I would like to see if you have a carrier this happened to, can you see if they would be willing to provide the Union a copy of their pay stub?), the postal service does not believe this could happen. If you have any carriers who declined a pay advance with the promise it would be corrected this pay period, they are entitled to the pay advance now if they want it and the Postal Service is in agreement.

The issue with the pay error versus other pay errors in the past, is that in the past the system had all the information and then the error occurred on the output and therefore in those situations they were able to automatically run the next pay period. In this glitch, the system failed before the time certificates were input into the system so the system has no idea of the work hours or DACA codes to enter, therefore each time certificate had to be processed locally by management utilizing PS Form 2240-R and 2240-RA. The processing center received approximately 5,000 2240s and was only able to process approximately 1,200 for this last pay period. We have been informed they have put on additional staffing and approved overtime to get the approximately 3,800 2240s processed for this next pay period.

A problem may arise with additional delays if some mangers did not process the 2240s properly. Please share information with any carriers who call in reference to not getting the pay adjustment and request them to confirm that their manager processed the electronic 2240s to fix the pay error. If you have any problems with management not processing the 2240s, please contact the District and also contact your assigned Executive Committeemen.

Next: If any carrier who is declined a cash advance please provide your assigned Executive Committeemen the District name, office name and the carriers name and EIN #.

Thank You,
Joey C. Johnson

Director of Labor Relations, NRLCA
1630 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-3467

(703) 684-5545

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