Notice to All Post Offices with Rural Delivery Service: Rural Carrier Guarantee Period

Postal Service™ managers must effectively manage rural carriers who work under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), section 7(b)(2). Those carriers are paid overtime for all hours actually worked in excess of 2,080, up to 2,240, within the 52-consecutive-week guarantee period.

If a carrier works more than 2,240 hours within the guarantee period, the agreement under FLSA section 7(b)(2) is considered void, and the carrier must be compensated for all hours worked during the guarantee period in accordance with FLSA, section 7(a).

Postal Service™ managers must make a concerted effort to minimize the number of hours carriers work over 2,080, and strictly monitor these carriers to ensure that no carrier works in excess of 2,240 actual work hours.

The 2017–2018 guarantee period will begin on Saturday, October 14, 2017, and continue through Friday, October 12, 2018.

Source: Human Resources

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I guess Im not sure what your saying i worked 12 days over my 2080 so they are making me take days off so i wont go over in hours are they suppose to do that?

Pamela Johnson

Yes, Two carriers in my office have just come back from up tp 3 weeks off. I don’t get it. They will not cut our 48K routes. But now force us to take time off. I guess you must false your timecards to stay out of 2080 problem.