NRLCA: Academy Instructor Application Process for New Field Onboarding Program Initiative

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Academy Instructor Application Process for New Field Onboarding Program Initiative

In support of Postal Service initiatives to increase employee retention and mitigate attrition, the Postal Service and NRLCA are working together on a Field Onboarding Program. This program includes Welcome to the United States Postal Service (orientation), revised on-the-job instruction, and rural academy material. The updated Field Onboarding Program will be given to all new employees effective October 1, 2016.

As part of this initiative, the NRLCA and USPS have agreed to a joint selection process for all academy instructor positions. There will be one academy instructor selected from each district that will be trained on the new material and be certified as a Train-the-trainer (TTT) instructor. These instructors will train other selected instructor applicants within their respective district.

Anyone, including current academy instructors that wish to be considered for an Ad-Hoc instructor position MUST apply via e-careerbetween the dates of June 20 through June 27, 2016. Just to clarify, if you are a current academy instructor and want to continue as an academy instructor, you must apply via e-career on the dates above. There will be a new selection process and everyone selected will go through a new facilitator training process.

Further information will follow on dates, times, and places for the training sessions.

If you have any questions call: Vice President Ronnie Stutts at 703-684-5545.

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