NRLCA and USPS sign Non-Career Employee Health Benefits (MOU)

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Non-Career Employee Health Benefits (MOU)

The NRLCA and the USPS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Friday, November 14, 2014 that gives many leave replacement carriers the opportunity to enroll in the USPS Non-Career Employee Health Benefits (NCEHB) Plan. Eligible NRLCA-represented employees will receive complete information on the USPS NCEHB Plan from the Postal Service in the next few days at their home address.

Please click here for information about this Non-Career Employee Health Benefits Enrollment Opportunity.  Also more FAQ

Full information on the USPS NCEHB Plan is also available on LiteBlue.


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Leonard Pit

Johnny Chandler Beth Julian

Linda Wojcik Lees

Once again the rural craft is ignored. Nothing for rca’s. No surprise there.

Natasha Patterson

Linda, reread-it IS for RCAs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Cummings

But wow! Pricey!!!

Brandy Heston

Does that mean you have to be an RCA that is a member of the union that works 30 hours or more a week?

Jim Davis

And you think the Union should negotiate on behalf of scabs? REALLY?

Natasha Patterson

I’m reading a max of $35 a pay period for self and the plan is through United Healthcare and is very decent. I wish I had had that when I was an RCA. It’s on LiteBlue.

Kristin Deeds

Finally. I was wondering when this was going to happen. I think all of us subs have the ACA to thank for this even happening. No thanks to the usps itself because I’m sure they would have continued to screw us out of health benefits indefinitely.

Kat Garvey

so they give subs ins and now some is bitching .friggin learn to read before you open mouth(type with finger) Linda Wojcik Lees

Casey Clayton Gavlik

I know right?! I was an RCA for 5 yrs and didn’t have insurance or retirement. Then they created PTF’S and they get all that. Go figure…

Carol Cristo

As an RCA, I am not guaranteed more than one day of work per week. Since we would have to work an average of 30 hours per week from Oct 2014 through Nov 2015, most of us won’t even qualify.

Breena Norvell

Going to look into this. I can handle $35 a check 🙂

Tenishia Sunshine Sylvester

Shelia Whitley Sinard

April Massey Sargent

So AGAIN RCAs are left out. For lack of a lady-like way to say it, that just SUCKS.

Natasha Patterson

April…this is for RCAs. Read the MOU. 🙂

Renea Campbell

Angie Johnson

Tammie Keith Sherrill

I commented on this and it was deleted. So are a most of the comments that were on this post. Why is that?

I havent deleted anything. You might have commented on it further down the page as I have shared it several times in the last few days..

Kristin Deeds

I was told United Healthcare sucks, but hopefully my source was wrong about that. I haven’t had time to sit down and study pages of riveting insurance coverages yet. Will do soon though because open enrollment will be gone before we know it! Wouldn’t it figure though the postal service is forced to provide affordable health care to its subs thanks to the ACA (seriously, thank you!) and the usps responds by giving us something crappy. I can’t imagine this coverage is on par with the Regular’s health insurance. In the meantime, please someone tell me I’m wrong! My grandfathered… Read more »

April Massey Sargent

I did start reading it and many RCAs don’t get 30 hrs a week on average. Maybe I missed something.

John Dance

I so love this web sight and am grateful to the caring person who goes out of the way to inform us! Thanks from someone who may soon have to retire due to too many years on the job. You are a national treasure! We would all be left out in the dark if not for you..