NRLCA needs to open there eyes to the smaller problems as well as the larger

This is a guest blog by DISAPPOINTED – A rural carrier in South Carolina

I am a firm supporter in the NRLCA union. I think without our union” benefits we have would be cut in half or worse. The problem I have is we as rural carriers are being over looked .

The union is concerned about bigger things such as 6 day delivery and they should be.

The following are some of the things going on in at least 2 or more offices in South Carolina. There is no local union steward in the office I work in. Rural  Routes in this office are grossly under evaluated. Carriers work 10-14 hours a day for 8 to 8.5 hours of pay. This should be a clear  violation of federal labor laws. But nothing is said from the NRLCA. I am disappointed and just plain unsatisfied with this performance from the people who should be seeing this.

I have worked 17 years and I cant even have a day off. I am required to work my scheduled day off every week because they (USPS) will not hire enough help and they say if you cant handle it find another job .There are many things going on that is not right!

We as carriers need to have local union meetings to discuss these issues. Start coming together to stop them from taking advantage of us.  The USPS is using our pay system against us to better there bottom line.

I know the USPS is having hard times but they should not use us to make up for what these idiots in congress cant seem to do .They want to cut Saturday delivery because not enough volume but right now I can not have a day off that does not sound right.

I wonder how many other people is in same situation?

This is a guest blog by DISAPPOINTED – A rural carrier in South Carolina

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All 204b’s and PM’s cheat during mail count. What’s new

Hi Maria – my name is Terry – my daughter works for the PO as a RCA for the last 2 years.
My question is – were are RC jobs posted (on line or at the post office on a board) and how does
One bid on a job – on liteblue ??? Just a concerned father trying to get answers
My email is.
We are very confused on this issue

Being a local steward in your office does not require long hours. I get training once a year (since the implementation of the National Steward System), and have only had to handle 3 step 1 grievances in the last 5 years. Why? Because when you become a local steward, you receive the training to deal with management regarding contractual/disciplinary issues. You learn your contract inside out and have the documentation to present to management regarding issues. It is really quite simple – we have a contract that both carriers and management are required to follow. It is not an interpretation,… Read more »

I have 882 deliveries on my route just got counted 46k and yes no subs nodays off and i am a union steward…..if you are not getting what you deserve at count, you need to file a grievance. If you are prepared before count have everything prepared before count because this all should have been discussed at the precount meeting and thenthere wouldbeno problems. In our office we caught the ‘204b’ cheating us and got her banned from counting. Our success in this was having a pmthat was a rural.

I take it you was never an RCA? If you were, why should things change for us now? We all want the same things you do / did. What really needs to change is a really fair count and fair treatment of our members of our craft.

Contact your ADR. There should be unit meetings in your area for concerned carriers in your office to attend. Start filing grievances and request mgt. to hire more rca's. Being a steward is a lot of work but if you are being retaliated against for being a steward, file a grievance on that. I'm not trying to minimize your concerns, but you have more power than you think.

No one wants to be steward in our office because of the retribution from management. Got an answer to that?

I work 6 days a week .10 to who knows how many hours a day supporting 3 kids. Steward on my schedule that is a laught . Union meetings as far as I know are only held once a year in this area. Count training been to 10 times does no good if post master refuses to give you what is stated in contract. How is carriers suppost to get involved when we are being worked to the point of exhaustion every day except Sunday. Involved" what do I pay them for they are the one"s who should be more… Read more »

I have 752 boxes with a volume of 1.86 (according to my count) Ha.Ha. At least 3 days sometimes 4 I have full coverage box holders. Every day between 70-120 packages. For 2 years I filed grievance because my route putting on boxes and management was putting them into computer and on the edit books but no increase in pay. I put on 230 boxes within this time and I can prove it still got copies of grievances. My short days is the evaluated time which is now 9 hours. But took 2 years just for step from 42K to… Read more »

I work 6days a week from 8 in morning till at the earliest 7 PM. I ask how would I have time to be a union stewart. I have 752 boxes on my route

Why doesn't this person run to be the steward. It just takes posting an election form. You get training and the post office pays local stewards to handle the issues.

That is a misstatement. Stewards spend lots of time and effort representing RCAs in the grievance process. There are things that regulars call about that nothing can be done about.

Too many craft members believe that the contract gives us the right to demand things we want. It is a two way document that provides both sides rights and responsibilities and it would be really nice if more people understood that.

RCAs have nothing as far as support from the union, I've called plenty of times and they can do nothing for me because I'm not a regular!!!!!!!!!!!

Probably a scab:-

"There is no local union steward in the office I work in." Why aren't you the steward? "We as carriers need to have local union meetings to discuss these issues." Do you attend your local meetings? Have you considered forming a local if one is not located conveniently for you? " Rural Routes in this office are grossly under evaluated. " How many of those carriers have never attended a count training? " I am disappointed and just plain unsatisfied with this performance from the people who should be seeing this." How is a steward or the union supposed to… Read more »

Does the author understand that if they don't contact their ADR or their DR, there is no way for the union to know what is happening in those offices? Does the author know that there are union meetings open to union members to attend? Does the author know that she can be a steward in her own office? FYI In the NRLCA magazine the union addresses the steward situation.

Where in the hell , in this article, are rca s even mentioned? I understand the gripes of the article. Please people support your union and go to meetings.

Long ago, rca's were never mentioned in the contract. Nowadays, most of the stewards are rca's

RCA's are peons… no, not true. They are peed on's :-

How have they focused too much on RCAs? Please enlighten me because the only reason I still put up with all the BS of everyday life as a "spoiled" RCA is the money (and even that was cut years ago before I was hired in 2005).

How is it the Union's fault there is no steward in the office to protect those cows?

Since when has the focus been in RCA’s?! lmao! Someone please get an editor on this post 🙂

You need to file a grievance. The individual has to start the process. Call your local ADR and let him know you are sending the grievance and ask for his help. Read your contract. The evaluated system says you are paid the evaluated pay regardless of how many hours you work. If you work 5 hours you are still paid evaluated time, and if more, the same. It sounds like your routes need to be counted the next count.

No steward hear either, area rep stated,"She was afraid the State board would have an issue if she were to drive all the way out here!" Why would they have an issue if I stopped paying my dues? The Union wants to do as little as possible just to get by! I bet at District level, they tell the Union go with us on these "little" issues and we may back you on the big ones! Management can deny leave, break the contract and if or when the step 2 or 3 is settled, no repocussions for them! Union membership… Read more »

nrlca is very busy having conferences and getting pictures taken for magazine!!!

They need to redo the whole contract and not focus so much on RCA's.