NRLCA statement on Chairman Carper's Postal Legislation Proposal

With the U.S. Postal Service in dire financial condition, it is critical that Congress work to address the difficult issues facing the USPS. Essential to any reform legislation is a true solution to the pre-funding of retiree health benefits mandated by the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA). Unfortunately, Chairman Carper’s bill is only a short-term solution, still burdening the Postal Service with this needless requirement, which currently accounts for 80 percent of USPS losses.

Chairman Carper’s bill also ensures that the USPS will reduce mail delivery service after a year, and, after two years, reduce service and delivery standards which will leave customers in the lurch, lose business and needed revenue for the USPS, and cost the jobs of thousands of hardworking rural letter carriers.

Regardless of any negative aspects of this proposed legislation, our commitment to the Postal Service remains strong. But the fact remains that the Postal Service cannot be cut into financial solvency. Any proposal that relies on cuts in service will ultimately be more painful to the USPS, its customers, and its business. We look forward to working with Senator Carper to improve this bill.  While the NRLCA recognizes the financial problems the Postal Service is experiencing, and the need for meaningful postal reform, the Postal Service must be preserved and protected.  Providing fewer services and poorer quality will not save the Postal Service.  Any postal bill that is passed must promote innovation, create jobs, and continue to provide the essential services the American public has come to expect.  The Postal Service is an American institution and of enormous importance to the citizens and businesses who rely upon and utilize the Postal Service for their livelihoods.

via News Info.