October 2012 MOU to hold rural route postings has been terminated by the USPS and NRLCA

This post seems to be older than 1 year— so keep that in mind while reading. It might be outdated.

The parties have met and discussed our concerns related to this MOU, specifically the continued withholding of residual vacancies in those rural delivery offices scheduled for the implementation of DPS letter mail or DPS flats, and also those rural delivery offices currently receiving DPS Flats. (see original MOU which has now been terminated)

The parties have agreed to terminate this MOU in its entirety effective April 10th, 2015.


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Laura Harmon

Can someone tell me what,this even means??

Lynn Pedota

I think it means that vacant routes that were being held can now allow subs to make regular status. Please correct me if I am wrong.

LeAnna Simmons

Nice. I would have made regular at least 3 years earlier

David S Wilcox

Exactly what I endured… Started carrying route full time Sept 1st, 2000, never made official until July 24th, 2004…puckin’ Frick’s.

Amy DuMont Griffin

It means they can’t use them to build up other routes either.

Vocal RCA

I am finally becoming a regular Rural Carrier after waiting almost 11 years, just a few weeks shy, because of the termination of this MOU. My office is in a city with enormous growth. The NRLCA and USPS should have re-visited this MOU years ago to address offices like mine, when the recession ended. Hopefully another MOU doesn’t replace this and RCA’s can receive the benefits they deserve.

Tammy traver

Does anyone know of any vacant routes up for bid yet? We have one held vacant and haven’t heard anything yet.