Paying it Forward Rural Carrier Style

The past two weeks have been a very stressful two weeks for rural carriers across the nation.  We have been backed in to a corner and forced to defend our livelihood.  It has caused sleepless nights, sickness and flat out aggravation and stress.  We have been told we are petty, liars and thieves.

For those that might not be familiar with the process.  Rural carriers are paid by a once or twice yearly mail count.  In other words, our pay is determined by the mail volume that our routes receive in a (predetermined) two, three or four week period.  Yes, every letter, magazine and package gets counted.  Most steps we take get timed by a stop watch.  By this description you might think it is a simple process, but we are fought every step of the way by our employer, the United States Postal Service.  They do everything they possibly can to cut our paychecks.   I could go on and on about our mail count process, but that is not the purpose of this article.  My purpose in the short description of our pay system, was to try and show how stressed we might become trying to defend our jobs.  It takes every ounce of energy and every part of our brains to stay on our toes and make sure we get paid for what we do.  In the end, we have some rural carriers losing thousands of dollars or possibly having to work another day away from their families.  Overall, not a very prosperous or happy time for most rural carriers.

In the midst of all of this, with everyone feeling robbed and dejected, one of our own, a rural carrier, was having a personal situation and was about to be evicted from her home. At her wits end, she put up a post on her facebook page asking for help and she also posted how demeaning it was for her to post the plea for help.  I wont post her name or location in this post for privacy sake, but just know that she needed help and she needed it fast.

After all of the stress and humiliation rural carriers have gone  through for the past two weeks, and after so many of us losing thousands of dollars in pay, rural carriers still stood up to PAY IT FORWARD for a fellow rural carrier.  In just two days time, rural carriers across the nation stood up and helped her get enough money to stop the eviction.

You donated to someone without hesitation.  You did it from a simple posting on Facebook that could have very easily been a scam.   You trusted in the human spirit and you trusted rural carriers!

ALL OF YOU that donated reminded me of something that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.  No matter how much stress we are under, and no matter what is happening in our own lives, there are still people willing to step up and help a fellow person in need.

In this day and time, cynicism seems to rule the day!  We seem to have become a society that only thinks of “ME, ME, ME“, but sometimes, if you watch really close, you will see acts of kindness that help restore your faith in mankind.

There has been a lot said about people spending too much time online, and how we lose the human connection.

Real and true friendships CAN be formed with people you have never met, and the human spirit still thrives without missing a beat!

THANK YOU ALL for making me remember what the human spirit is truly capable of.  And THANK YOU ALL for stepping up to pay it forward for another carrier in need.

This is one of those things that will be remembered forever in the hearts and minds of all of us.


You have never really lived until you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you