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Our union is a complete joke, I’m ashamed to say that I have been a member for thirty nine years. Where are they now on this issue,I’ll tell you. They are in bed with management where they’ve been for years. I would resign but I’m retiring soon so no more dues for me.

But if they somehow made a mistake and paid us too much it would get docked off the very next paycheck… this is bogus.

So curious as to the dates that would be reflected in your final high 3 when retiring. Will it be the date that we got our raise or the pay period they actually started our raise?

elections coming got to show something lol

What an absolute joke! They don’t care at all about rural carriers, and back pay at a later date is bs that’s roughly 3-4k for some of us

Good thing we have a Union… Just kidding

Yes it’s not their pay or back pay. Just keep kicking it down the road

Why do things right when you can kick it down the road

Keep kicking the can!