Payment of Retroactive Salary Increases in 2018-2021 National Agreement

The NRLCA has been notified by USPS that all of the retroactive salary increases included in the 2018-2021 National Agreement are scheduled to be included in the paychecks for PP03-2020 (February 7, 2020).

This adjustment will include all eligible rural carriers and all retroactive salary changes negotiated in the new National Agreement. Posted salary charts have already been adjusted to reflect the current negotiated salary rates.

Payment of Retroactive Salary Increases in 2018-2021 National Agreement

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Colleen Tomblin

What about retired people that were in working status then?

Colleen Tomblin

What about retired persons who were working during part of this time period?

Susan Montemayor

How aboit thoose of us that just retired? (Sept. 2019)

Rod Huot

Anyone know how much $ it is after taxes. I think around 350 to 400?

Lori C

Feb of 2020?? There should be interest paid on this.. Also include it in a regular paycheck to put it up a tax bracket and you end up with nothing.. This is total BS.If an employee is overpaid by a mistake made by USPS it surely doesn’t take 6 months for them to take it back..

Kevin Charpentier

so the post office and earn a little interest on our money

Becky Keilty

That’s ridiculous!!!!! How on earth is that as soon as possible? 6 months later? No sorry post office is screwing us and the union should have demanded a more definitive time frame.


Lori the reason They aren’t going to pay us until next year they have to wait an see how much money the will have after the Christmas period and how many carriers they have to pay overtime so they will see if they will have enough to pay everyone and how much money they make off the Christmas season


Will interest be paid???

Terri mcgee

Since the Usps decided without the unions agreement will we get compensated for having to wait so long and going into another year !

Vicki Fallon


Mike S.

Folks, it’s not as simple as getting raises, which they just change the rate of pay. A lot of variables go into calculating backpay. Carriers go regular, change routes, change evaluations, routes are adjusted, etc., between the time the backpay began until now. Retirees who were working at the beginning of the back pay period and have since retired will get pay. Even someone who may have quit will still receive a check. in 2005, the union won the infamous redlining grievance to the tune of $65 million. The average regular got around $550. But anyone working on the award… Read more »


I’m currently a RCA and will be transitioning job titles soon, will I get back pay up until I switch? Also will I get back pay in 2020?

G shears

That’s a bunch of bs, management has been putting it to us for years. This is just another example of our mighty union fighting for its carriers. Just remember this the next time you see your dues taken out of your paycheck.

scott keller

Heres the basics about the back pay we will receive pp3 2020. Its for a defined period of time 11/24/18 thru 08/30/19. It doesn’t grow the longer we have to wait. The amount each carrier receives will vary depending on the size of your route and what step you were at during that time period. Heres an example: if your salary was 50000 per year during the above time period you would multiply that by 1.3% (the raise) and the total would be $650 per year,then you would divide that by 26 pay periods per year. That total is $25… Read more »


The difference you see in your pay check compared to the increase now will roughly give you a idea of the money owed times pay period from Nov till August

Kathie Gatfield

Colleen Tomblin I agree with you. I guess as usual after retirement, it’sout of sight, out of mind!