PMG Megan Brennan announces no National mail count in September.

PMG just announced at the National convention that there will be NO National mail count.


Only those routes that fall under the special count criteria below will be counted in September 2019.

Under Special Mail Count requirements, there are only 2 situations that would qualify a route to be counted.

1.  When circumstances have negated the validity of the latest count and evaluation. No salary adjustments will be made as a result of the count unless the evaluation of the route is changed by 120 minutes (2 hours) or more. (Negation would mean that the route began receiving DPS or DPS flats, etc)

2.  Whenever a 120 minute (2 hours) or more salary adjustment is made on a route, whether due to a substantial service change or a route adjustment, AND the density of the route after the change has been increased to twelve { 12) boxes per mile or more or has been decreased to less than twelve (12) boxes per mile. (This means the route has moved into L route status or out of L route status)

A route that adds 240 minutes (4 hours) to a route does NOT automatically qualify for a Special mail count… 

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Do they have to give a 30 day notice for special counts?

So Amazon parcel volume that is 3 times what it was during the previous mail count doesn’t negate the validity of previous count?? What a load of ????????! USPS isn’t about to count us again until Amazon is delivering on their own. Looks to me like Rural Carriers need to file a Unfair Labor practice class action lawsuit.

I haven’t been counted in 7 years and definitely not since Amazon. I am not on the special count list. I qualify per the 1st qualification on the special count rules. Amazon is a significant change since my last count and as a result I will gain at least 2 hours. What do I have to do to be able to participate in the special count this year. Thank you for your time.