RE: Changes to the Carrier Release Program

Subject: Carrier-Leave If No Response


We recently attended a meeting with USPS  Headquarters to clarify the intent of the change to the Carrier Release Program.

Attached you will find an article on the PO-603 change for the Carrier Release Program.  This will be printed in the upcoming National Magazine.

As you can see by reading the article, mail pieces labeled with Carrier-Leave If No Response must be left at the delivery location without regard to weather or security.  If the mail piece will not fit in the box and no one is home, the mail piece must be left at the Delivery location.  The carrier must fill out a PS Form 3849 notating where the mail piece is located, scan the parcel as delivered and leave the PS Form 3849 in the box.  The carrier is not liable for loss or theft when the customer’s instructions and postal regulations are followed.

This is a big change, as carriers prior to the change had to take into consideration weather and security before leaving a mail piece endorsed as Carrier-Leave If No Response.

*Note:  It is the intent in the near future for all mail pieces endorsed as Carrier-Leave If No Response to have a bar code associated with the label for scanning.

If you have any questions or concerns give us a call.

Please forward this information to your assistant state stewards.

Thank You!
Ronnie Stutts
Director of Steward Operations, NRLCA
1630 Duke St
Alexandria, VA  22314

For the original notice of the PO603 change see the link below:

Click here

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