Really disappointed with our union

I’ve been a card-carrying member of the NRLCA since I was hired in the late 1990s. Any more I’m starting to wonder why.

Sure I get timely information and I’ve always been a pro-union guy, but the representation has been nothing short of embarrassing the last couple years.

I’m pretty sure the national board has been away from mail (and parcel!) delivery for so long they forget what it’s like to be in a car for 4-5 hours a day.

The failures are too numerous to list. Amazingly after our last mail count I was told by my postmaster that we were to start getting Amazon parcels daily. At the time I didn’t think anything of it.

Now, however, there are 30 or more when I walk in the door. Basically we have received no compensation for this.

How about the February mail counts? Too much mail in September or October because of elections? Who would agree to this? People on our side? Essentially now we deliver election for nothing!

Not to mention that we miss all the mail from our snowbirds who are gone in February to avoid the nasty Ohio winters.

But back to Amazon. What an embarrassment this has been for our union. Did they not see this coming? Surely it was in the works for months… possibly years. Do they not fight for us any more?

I love how they celebrate the mammoth 1.2 percent pay raises we get…. while our health insurance goes up 3 percent!

These people are clearly asleep at the switch. They have no idea what we do with respect to the parcel business… or even how much mail we have. And clearly they don’t have our best interests at heart any more.

The time study? Another debacle. Does anyone really thing this will work to our advantage? I just got a note left at my case the other day that said we aren’t getting paid for spm scans any more? Anyone else hear of this?

Rural carriers are doing more work than ever before. Parcel delivery, scanning, etc. are at all time-highs. Isn’t it about time we get compensated fairly?

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5 Comments on "Really disappointed with our union"

  1. John Houston | 05/01/2017 at 5:41 pm |

    Mike you are spot on.the last contract was nothing more than a bate and switch .The only reason we voted for it was because they offered subs insurance.Now who can afford it.Yes we are overburdened most days with packages.NRLCA wake up!!

  2. A couple of things here. First, an arbitrator forced the switch from Sept. mail counts to Feb./March. And when we had Sept. counts, there were just as many screams that mail was too light in the fall and that we should have the count in the spring. Second, you cannot compare 1.2% of $50,000 (annual salary) vs. 3% of $3094 (annual premium of rural health plan). And while this is just my opinion, I believe the time study will result in a better more representative compensation.

  3. cangonow | 05/04/2017 at 3:36 am |

    Yes the arbitrator switched the count from Sept to Feb/March….but who was negotiating on our behalf? The NRLCA of course…but lets always blame the arbitrator, as usual. Who strongly recommended that members vote FOR the last contract…the NRLCA of course. Who has let this study drag on without any recourse or even an option to count last Feb/March…the NRLCA of course. Do you think that I agree with Mike B, who is really disappointed with our union…of course!

  4. Amazon has been a huge issue in our office.last time my route was counted I got credit for 40 to 60 parcels a day.along came Amazon and I am now delivering 140 to over 200 packages a day and management wonders why we go over evaluated hours.well when you have a 200 percent increase in parcels what do they expect.union doesn’t care.

  5. Every time I have an issue and take it to people in Management or the Union, all I get told is, “Well its out of our hands.” Especialyl Amazon. I’m not only my steward, but the lead PTF in my office. So I sometimes do the Sunday deliveries, not often since I usually get 4-6 days a week without Amazon Sundays. I just had my supervisor come up to me today, Saturday morning, and say “btw you’re in tomorrow.” How’s that for ruining your weekend? I find out Sunday morning I need to cancel all of my plans on my one day off. I’ve had this happen a lot and all management and the union say, ‘oh nothing we can really do about it.’

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