RHD Mercedes Metris Vans to be deployed to 12,664 rural EMA routes

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My office is training on 06/08 and 06/09. Should have 28 of these in the next 2 weeks. FFV won’t get them.

@James Dowdle: if you look in the slideshow pics, it shows how many and what phase each district area is getting. I’m in Great Lakes and it’s getting 263 in first phase. Our office is submitting 3 routes for consideration of which one is mine. Not sure if/when it could happen.

How do I know if my office gets these I am a POV route do I get one

I deliver in North Texas. I invested a lot of money in a right hand drive POV recently I’m now worried my investment will not pay off if I lose my ema due to these new vans. Does anyone know how many rma routes we have in the US. Wondering what my percentage chance of having to drive one of these

How many if any, will the Myrtle Beach area get? And when?