Rural Carrier Retroactive backpay information

This post seems to be older than 1 year— so keep that in mind while reading. It might be outdated.

FYI, was just informed that USPS has stated a September time frame for the back pay per the new contract. The back pay will be retroactive from 11-2015.

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Paid out in September. Retro to November of 2015.

Susan Dean

We could all die by then.



What did I miss what is this for?

And if we owed no way would we be allowed to take this long!

Happy Meals for everyone


Let me guess and it will be stretched until the end of contract. I dont see why they just cant issue us a one time check? But God forbid you owe them anything they will get it one check

Meanwhile, they collect interest on our money. Union needs to file a class action suit as this is not necessary or timely.

That’s what I say

It doesn’t make sense to make us wait that long. If we owed the money we would get a letter of demand. Every carrier should send them a letter of demand.

Regular Rural Carriers got a pay raise when the contract was ratified, the raise showed on our pay check a few pay periods back but it was supposed to be in 11/2015 so we are owed back pay….. It’s not going to be millions lol

Out of curiosity, roughly how much is this back pay going to be? Been seeing a number of people posting about it.

Sharon Beth, any idea what this is about?

I’d like to know too.

That sounds good but then you also agreed to an increase in your contribution to your health insurance,which will offset much of that great 1% raise,not very smart of you to ratify this crap contract.

We will get it right before they announce our health insurance is going up, and that will be the end of our back pay:(

Vac money


cyndy blakey

They owe more than this
The way I see it


It is the ones that didn’t vote it was a ridiculous low percentage of carriers that voted, so we have no one to blame but ourselves including myself.


This website is awesome very informative. Some of us can’t make it to meetings, I have been paying union dues long enough to get the info I need and I don’t have to pay rural info a dime, You are appreciated rural info and thank you

Gerri Barrett

What about those that have retired since then? Do we get any or are we screwed?


I find it completely disrespectfultimate that an organization can continue to what they do. I am not only referring to to the USPS, but the Government in a whole (former military). How long does it really take to issue a check of deserved money. Like others have stated, they will take the money as soon as it’s “our” fault.

Diana Ramos

As always we have to wait


Can anyone tell me why our union is so weak? Is it merely our numbers are small… I pay my dues, but as a former Stewart I can hardly see why it’s like a chihuahua growling our bargaining power is non existent it’s kind of ridiculous that we expect more when those who we elect lack the backbone to hold us up to what we should receive in negotiations… Back pay hmmm .17 cents an hour doesn’t amount to much but I could use it none the less. I can figure out the amount for them in roughly 10 min… Read more »


We can file a grievance, also we should save our money instead of giving it to the union. Write your local state treasurer and ask when your anniversary date was for joining the union. After you get that info you need to resign from the union per a typed letter and sent in by your anniversary date. Save your money and put it away in case you need real representation.

Steve Pulsifer

How about 2015 Cola retro pay? It’s very difficult to get any information on the retro pay issue. No information at all on the union website.


What about all the Christmas overtime that was affected by that.