is celebrating 11 years of bringing news and information to rural carriers.

I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing community we have built on

Every time you invest a single minute in reading, commenting, liking and sharing, is a minute that I am thankful for.

I am especially thankful for those that have donated money for various projects or just because you wanted to show your appreciation.

Just the fact that you choose to spend some of the time in your life with makes me thankful.

This website would never have grown to what it is today without the support of all of you..

Looking forward to continuing all of this for years to come..

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No telling how many rural carriers you have helped through your dedication in keeping this web site going. It is a valuable portal to information as well as a pipeline to what is happening in other post offices. We all are most grateful, from those just starting on their postal career to those of us who are now on the “outside” but still feel we have info and insight to pass along.

carol ann johnson

This website saved my career….thank you!!! The information glean from this website not only made me a better, more informed Rural Carrier but also let me have a peek at others in our Rural Carrier Craft. When at my lowest point in my Career, being abused and harassed daily, then at night, I would hop on this Website and somehow, someway there would be a story or information that would help me face another day. Thank you to this Website and all the Rural Carriers that share their wisdom and time to help others.