Safety violations stacking up at USPS

A guest blog by VOCAL RCA

In the last few weeks, OSHA has cited the Postal Service for numerous safety violations including faulty electrical practices at processing facilities nationwide and recently opened up an investigation into a heat-related death in Boston, Massachusetts.
In a story by Sean Reilly, a writer for “Federal Times”, the United States Postal Service put postal employees, who perform electrical work, in danger of electrocution. A 2010 Labor Department, the parent agency of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), complaint was made after it was found that workers were not properly trained for the electrical work they were performing. The Postal Service is now responsible to overhaul its’ current practices for electrical work. The cost thus far has been $2 million, which has been set aside for protective wear. Another $5 million is intended for training for an estimated 20,000 employees. OSHA is also currently looking into the death of James Baldassarre,45, a letter carrier out of the Medford Post Office. After delivering in 95 degree heat, with a 62 percent humidity index, Mr. Baldassarre passed out at 5:40 p.m. near the Hyatt Place Hotel, according to a story by Jarret Bencks, a writer at Mr. Baldassarre died later at Massachusetts General Hospital, he had worked for the Postal Service for 24 years. OSHA is looking to enact a federal standard for employees that work under extreme heat conditions, inside and outdoors. The amount of monies involved with introducing such standards are unknown at this time.

There is no doubt that the United States Postal Service will wind up paying millions of dollars to upgrade its’ vehicles. Driving the current long life vehicles (LLV’s), in double or triple digit weather, is no doubt contributing to many heat related illnesses’. There is no consistent air flow in LLV’s and the fan that is provided, to cool down, sputters hot air. With routes becoming longer, due to recent mail counts, mail carriers delivering during the current summer months are outdoors for several hours and are experiencing extreme heat that can elevate their body temperature to dangerous levels. Mr. Baldassarre even texted his wife that the heat was killing him, and felt like he was “going to die out here.” Postal workers are risking their lives every day while delivering in these conditions.

The Postal Service is putting its’ employees in danger by allowing its’ carriers to drive mobile microwaves and electrical personnel to work on faulty wiring without proper equipment or training. Post offices are being sold across the country and postal employees are being forced to work longer and harder than ever before. Meanwhile Congress is not moving fast enough to alleviate these problems and it is costing the Postal Service more money, when it is already losing $25 million a day. By trying to squeeze every penny, while paying into the “Health Retirement Benefit Fund”, the United States Postal Service is allowing its’ facilities to fall apart, and its’ workers to risk their lives while trying to earn a livable wage. There is no telling when Congress will commit to postal reform but in the meantime, postal workers are suffering, some with their lives’!

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To tell you the truth, I don't know how city carriers did it for all these years in the easy bake oven!! It is insane!!!

I totally agree and am happy to read the above our concerns are being addressed by someone! I do not feel sorry for the USPS for all the money they are putting out to retrain employees and researching ways to give carriers a bit of "cool air". These are issues that upper Mgnt should have looked into long ago, but went with the smug, don't worry about them attitude. We are to respect these people? I feel it all boils down to the almighty dollar and narrow minded, unqualified people put into their positions. Wish I had the money to… Read more »

Your safety before the mail. Remember that folks. Your number 1 job is to return home in the same condition you left in the morning. Don't let management tell you otherwise.

I have experienced a similar situation with the heat. I called my husband and got to a nearby pub and grill where I ended up drinking 6 pints of water before I was safe enough to go back on the road. It took 3 1/2 pints of water before I could even produce sweat on my skin. My husband told me that when he saw what condition I was in, he was terrified.

It is so sad that even one employee loses a life or suffers an another event if it can be preventable. Those LLVs are just portable bake ovens in the summer & ice caves in the winter.