Scanner changes – Starting tomorrow – Don’t forget your badge

This post seems to be older than 1 year— so keep that in mind while reading. It might be outdated.

HEADS UP ALERT....As of tomorrow, you will no longer be able to manually input your ID, it will only accept your barcode from your badge. UAA has been removed from scanner choices and they have added Insufficient Address.  Be sure and check your scanner tomorrow for changes..

See the copy of the service talks below.



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Duh….ya think we don’t know what we are doing? Next time ya decide to do some changes, surprise us, ask us what we think before you bozo out some new-super improved-stuff.

Craig Waitman

When are they going to add the option “forwarded” so I don’t have to scan it undeliverable and hope the clerks scan it forwarded for me?


I can’t for the life of me figure out why they haven’t offered FORWARD As a carrier option!


Does anyone have larger print of this? Even after enlarging my font I am unable to read the majority of this on my devices. thanks

Robin Barker

how about a “can’t leave for dog present”


So now I will have a pic of my badge on my phone so I can scan it if needed. I always manually input my number simply because my badge is wire out and the bar code is gone. Office say we are to now pay for replacements. Screw that!

Bette Martin

It would have been nice just to hear the standup talk about this. My postmaster doesn’t know what this mean.


I’m still not sure what to do with a package that you have a valid forward on… my postmaster is telling me to scan insufficient address… then the clerks forward… this still does not seem right to me


There is an animal encounter choice on the scanner. I think it is Z


How are we to be compensated for the additional time and scans?


My postmaster never gives these talks either. Thank God I have this website. She was talking about route count coming up in February. She said some offices are counting in Sept. These offices are changing to “formula” offices. We should be thankful that we aren’t going to that.