Step 4 Grievance Settlement on Amazon Parcel Lockers (APL) and the Upcoming February/March 2018 Mail Count

This case involves management refusing to compensate carriers when servicing newly established Amazon Parcel Lockers. The parties agree that the actual street addresses associated with APLs must be served by a rural route. During a mail count, in addition to the normal mail volume credit, credit will be provided as follows:

  • Column 17, Other Suitable Allowance, credit 20 seconds for each item delivered to an APL
  • Column 18, Authorized Dismounts, if additional dismount is required and,
  • Column 19, Authorized Dismount Distance (feet) – any additional distance required to serve the APL.

The parties further agree where rural carriers were serving APLs prior to the mail count, the appropriate base hour change (Columns 17, 18, and 19) will be made to the route, retroactive to the first day of the pay period the carrier began servicing the lockers. Carriers should contact their District Representative and provide the name of the office, the route number, the addresses where the Amazon Parcel Lockers are located and the date each set of lockers began being serviced by rural carriers. The parties will be reviewing each one to determine if a retro base hour change will be needed if the time would have made a change to the routes evaluation to retroactively compensate the rural carriers who served Amazon Parcel lockers on the route.

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Click here to view the Step 4 settlement letter.

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