Step 4 : Mail Count Credit for Non-Signature Scanned Parcels When Closed School or Business

This case involved the appropriate credit during a mail count for a parcel that is unable to be delivered due to a closed school or business. The parties agree that when a parcel received for a closed school or business is not able to be delivered, whether taken to the street or left in the office, it will be credited in Column 6 (Parcels) on the date of receipt, as well as the date of delivery.

The parties further agree, if the parcel has an associated non-signature scan, credit in Column 15 (Non-Signature “Scan” Items) is also appropriate on both days.
You may view the Step 4 settlement letter Step 4 – Saint George UT – E10R-4E-C 13148961

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It really had to go to step 4?

It really had to go to step 4?

This also applies to notices left for signature items that could not be delivered and required a 3849